Steel Series, Destiny 2 Item Code Promotion Promotion

The world’s first gaming gear brand Steel Series (CEO: Eti Sham Lavani) will be presented with Destiny 2 Edition item code for customers who purchase promotional products at the official Still Series Naver Store until September 30th. He said he proceeded.

This promotion will be held at the Steel Series Naver official store. With the Jangpad (Destiny 2 Edition QCK PRISM XL), products that can enjoy immersive gameplay with fast response speed and accurate movement are targeted.


In particular, Destiny 2 Edition Products Gaming Mouse Rival 5 and Gaming Pad Pad QCK PRISM XL products, which became very popular immediately after the launch in March, are included. The rival 5 mice, which features the worldview of Destiny 2, features nine buttons that can be customized, with a built-in RGB LED light in a total of 10 areas, allowing the desired color to apply the desired color of 16.8 million colors. In addition, the Destiny 2 Gaming Pad (QCK PRISM XL) is characterized by a smooth surface, and the RGB lights built into two areas can be customized in the desired color.

It is simple to receive the ‘Destiny 2’ item code. If you purchase the event product through the Steel Series Naver Store until September 30, Destiny 2’s in-game item code will be presented.

Lee Hye-kyung, president of Steel Series Korea, said, The products of the Steel Series are designed based on the opinions and feedback of major e-sports players around the world, thinking about the only goal of ‘victory’. I hope you will be together.

Meanwhile, more details on the promotion can be found in the Steel Series Naver Store.

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