The Kakao Battleground Ranker Championship is a true strongest in Korea

Users are paying attention to the Kakao Battleground Ranker Championship (KPRC) with a total prize of 15 million. This is why the actual domestic strongest is born among the general users.

The Kakao Battleground Ranker Championship will be held at ‘Sinchon Zenji PC Cafe’ from 6 pm on September 3rd. In the competition season 18, any users aged 15 or older who have achieved more than ‘Dia 2 grade’ and have no disqualification and use of the terms and conditions and operating policies.

The competition was focused on many users in that the so-called skilled with high understanding of the game was targeted. In fact, in the relevant community, the story is steadily mentioned that Kakao Battlegrounds requires a lot of effort to achieve the highest level because the users’ skills are increasingly rising to the top level.

As the difficulty of entering the top ranking is relatively high, the winner of the competition, which collects the Kakao Battleground rankers offline, will be recognized as the true ‘strongest’.

Kakao Games also puts weight on the fact that the strongest is born in this competition. An official said, We can proceed enough online, but we decided to hold offline as much as possible as the true strongest of the Kakao Battlegrounds.

The competition map is ‘Erangel’ and ‘Mirama’, which will be held in a total of five rounds. Users can only participate in a four-person squad, and the Pub E-Sports Global Rule Set (S.U.P.E.R) will be applied to add the points acquired in all the games on the day and then rank the top rank in the order of cumulative points.

The total prize money is 15 million won, and the first squad will receive a prize of 3 million won and four best gaming monitors’ BenQ Tue XL2746K. In addition, participating teams can receive prizes according to the rankings, and the prize of 1 million won will be delivered to the team with the highest kill among the 4th and 13th teams. In addition, a separate souvenir will be delivered to all participants.

A rich event for the online viewers is also available. On the day of the tournament, ‘Round TOP4 Match’ and ‘Final TOP4 Team Match’ will be held for users watching through African TV, Twitch and YouTube. Participants will be presented with in-game goods, G-Coin (G-Coin), BenQ Torque XL2411K Monitor, and BenQ Torment XL2546K Monitor. In addition, if you register a surprise lead-up code during live broadcasting, you can get a 200 event bonus ‘Gigoin’.

On the 30th, Kakao Games opened the Karbae Ranker Championship Cheering Event through the GM news of Kakao Battleground’s official website. If you post a support comment for the winning team in the post, the participation will be completed.

Meanwhile, this tournament is held by Kakao Games, LVUP.GG, and global display company BenQ.

An official of Kakao Games said, As the high-quality economy is expected, it will be fun to watch, he said.

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