Classic style medieval fantasy APRG TERRA VENTURA with a nostalgic atmosphere official release!

Developer Logical Progress Games has released the official version of the action RPG TERRA VENTURA , which has been developing early access since January this year.

This work, set on an island that flows due to the broken ship, combines a rational sub-system of modern subsystems such as random lootes, skills and players, and character customization. It also features isometric views and art styles that make you feel nostalgic.

Select play style

Choose a character with its own characteristics and abilities from four types of characters, a archer, a masket mechanism, an explorer, and a fighter.

Develop skills and abilities

Grow the characters with skill tree, collect runes, get powerful bonuses, and improve basic skills. Invest in explosive paths, attack paths, physical strength passes, alchemy paths, material paths, or character-specific skill tree branches.

Collection of loot and inventory management

Let’s put luck to your side. Various items are randomly obtained on the map. Get gold or silver, or find an inventoric pemsticks such as armor and weapons. You can visit alchemists, blacksmiths, merchants, and tailors, and you can purchase additional items and replace and repair equipment.

Explore the world of fantasy

Let’s immerse yourself in the medieval fantasy world. You can encounter a variety of scenes, such as towns, underground caves, lava lakes, winter environments, wastes where poison is widespread, and desert dunes. Use the skills you have acquired or the skills you have learned. Let’s encounter 30 enemies with different abilities and strengths and fight.


TERRA VENTURA, which also supports Japanese, is being distributed for 1,520 yen for Windows/Linux for 1,520 yen. Until September 13, 20 % off the release commemoration will be applied.

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