Soul Breach is the bet of the Spanish studio Cosmic Spell for bringing an RPG to blockchain technology

Cosmic Spell, study bed in Valencia, h shared a new soul breach trailer, an RPG in shifts that combines NFTS technology with blockchain technology. It will arrive at some point from 2023 to PC ; Later he will do the same in consoles. The Free To Play model will follow.


Soul Breach, the search to take advantage of blockchain technology

Soul Breach moves us to a fanty universe in which the gods have abandoned the world to their fate. Primordial beings begin to fight each other to enslave and subjugate the creatures of other worlds . When one is destroyed, his spirit travels to his world to enter a gem with which he is reborn again. No one can break them, except some mortals that are born with that gift.

Valenci say that their entire universe h been designed to experience continuous expansion, that is, it will maintain a great operation a service game. They promise great post-launched updates , including functions a system of guilds, cooperative and a metaverse where the world of the game is located. Thirty players will have dozens of creatures that can be obtained by opening gems. It forms a team, evolves to its members and struggle in EVE and PVP challenges.

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