How to switch movement control in Splatoon 3

Movement controls in Platoon 3 help players control actions on the screen in accordance with their movement. It depends on the player if he wants to turn on or disable these controls.

Splat on 3-third-person shooter. In this game, players should choose between Inkling and cooling. Players should carefully choose whether they want to turn on or off the control of movement, since the entire gameplay is focused on the shots of ink, and these controls have a huge impact on aiming.

This guide will help to inform Platoon 3 players about motion control and how to turn on and turn off these controls. We will also discuss in detail how we can use these elements of movement control throughout the game.

How the movement control in Platoon 3 works

When you use movement control elements during the game, you can quickly move the aiming net and give your character more smooth movements when running and shooting. Although the use of joysticks is possible, we recommend that you use movement control instead.

Fortunately, the only time you need to use these management elements is the necessary stage of training Platoon 3. After that, players are allowed to decide whether to use the movement controls after the required session.


Click X to open the menu, then R to move along the tabs, until you reach the parameter menu to turn off the control to the Nintendo Switch.

Once there, you need to change the control setting, if you use a switch in a TV/tablet mode. Switch the parameter Movement control to the Off position, scrolling the page down. Return to the left side of the menu and select the portable mode to perform the same action for the portable mode.

Using Movement Management Elements


The best advantage of the movement control mode is that when it is activated, players can lead their ink pistol with greater accuracy than before, when they used the joystick. The screen can serve as a viewfinder if you hold the switch in manual mode, which allows you to move without using the controller.

Here are some tips that the players should follow:

  • It is better to use Joy-Con controllers in case problems with management do not disappear. This will improve your goal and offer you much better control over your goals and other movements.
  • In the parameter menu, you can change the sensitivity of movement control if you accidentally float when trying to shoot.
  • To level your shot if you have problems with aiming, slightly tilt the Nintendo Switch console to the left or right.

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