Steelrising: What is the best starter

In the class guide for steel rising you can find out:

  • How the four classes differ
  • Which starter weapon every class has
  • What the best starter class is

Steel rising is a tough Soulslike that plays at the time of the French Revolution. Dangerous machines and obscure mechanical constructors rage in the steampunk game. You take on the role of a female automaton to overthrow the hungry king and his vassals.

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important information about the starter classes

At the beginning of the game you can choose from four different starter classes: Earache, soldier, dancer and alchemist. Your chosen class specifies the equipment with which equipment and with what values you start, but by no means bind to a certain one Play style.

In the later course of the game you can switch to another weapon genre at any time or switch from a clumsy to a nimble character. You don’t have to miss the other starter weapons either: you can buy them in the boutique for a handful of essence at any time.

All starter classes at a glance


Good in: * Defense
Value bonus : Robustness +3 | Construction +2
starter weapon: pamphlet

How does the bodyguard play?

The bodyguard clearly focuses on defense. The points on robustness increase your general life points and strengthen your balance . The balance determines how easily you are overturned and interrupted by opponents. The improved development value increases your armor and the prey multiplier.

How does the starter weapon play?

Stritschrift is a heavy argument that turns into a sign at the push of a button. The slow weapon has a lot of force. The higher your force, the easier you can get opponents off your legs. With pamphlet, you arrive easily against opposing hordes, as you can easily overlook the smaller opponents.

How should I distribute my attribute points?

Invest the next points into force to increase your gun damage. You should also invest a few points in vigor so that you have more endurance reserves.


good in: * attack, heavy weapons
Value bonus : Kraft +3 | Élan +2
Starter weapon: Gribeauval-Hellebarte

How does the soldier play?

As a soldier, you start with three points on your strength value. In steel rising, the weapons scale either with strength or dexterity. Power weapons are slower, but add more damage per cut and have a high force value. Chooses the soldier if you want to use large weapons ** how arguments and spears want to use. Élan increases your stamina and simplifies to numb opponents.

How does the starter weapon play?

The Gribeauval-Hellebarte is a rod weapon with very large reach . With this weapon you have the advantage that you can meet opponents from a safe distance without being hit yourself. The special technology goes even further and transforms your halberd into a Musket . With a single strong shot, opponents can be knocked over and interrupt.

How should I distribute my attribute points?

In any case, invest the first points in robustness to increase your chances of survival. You should put all other points in vigor and strength.


good in: * attack, light weapons
Value bonuses : dexterity +3 | Élan +2
starter weapon: armored compartments

How does the dancer play?

As a counterpart to the soldier, the dancer focuses on leading light weapons. She exchanges punch for speed and dives with its high endurance reserves under opposing attacks. Choose the dancer if you want to use fast weapons ** like claws, double swords or subjects.

The dancer relies on the attribute of clothes that improves the damage with light weapons and increases the narcotic damage. The more anesthetic damage is caused, the faster the diamond symbol fills up in the opponent’s torso. If the symbol is filled, the opponent is stunned and is open to a critical hit.

How does the starter weapon play?

With the armored compartment, she strikes you at lightning speed. The fast attacks allow controlled maneuvers and reactions to opposing attacks. The special technology allows you to use the subject as protective shield . If you transform the subject to the shield, you become unable to move and can only block the damage in front of you.

How should I distribute my attribute points?

Put the first 3 points in robustness to get a little more life. Then invest 5 points in vigor and the rest in dexterity.


Good in: * Alchemieshad and resistance, find prey
Value bonus : Elementary alchemy +3 | Construction +2
Starter weapon: Glass core stick

How does the alchemist play?


The alchemist is by far the most difficult class . As an alchemist, you use Alchemist weapons ** that occupy the opponent with elementary states and cause fire, frost or lightning damage. The weapons scale with the value elementary alchemy and either with dexterity or strength.

Almost all opponents in Steel rising have elementary resistance . It can happen that you will deal with a boss where you cannot get along with your main weapon. For this reason, you should always carry two weapons of different elements.

The special techniques of your weapons with which you can build elementary states consume alchemy capsules . If the capsules go out, you lose a large part of your strength. You can buy alchemy capsules at any time in the boutique or to capture the dead opponents. The higher your construction value, the higher the chance of finding prey.

How does the starter weapon play?

The glass core sticks are two fast clay fans with a low range. The special technology covers the weapon for a minute with frost. If you attack an opponent, build his frost bar . If the frost bar is filled, the opponent is frozen and is unable to move for a few seconds.

How should I distribute my attribute points?

At the beginning of the game, we recommend that you put 3 points in robustness and 3 points in vigor. Then you increase elementary alchemy to 10 and construction to 5. Decide whether you prefer to play heavy and fast weapons and invest either points or dexterity.

Which starter class should I play?

Once you want to familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics or have not yet played as many souls likes, you should choose the soldier . The soldier starts with an enormously strong weapon and should bring you through the first hours of the game without any problems.

We definitely recommend more experienced soulslike veterans to the alchemist . The alchemist captivates with a unique feeling that distinguishes her from all other starter classes.

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