What is the future of AI semiconductor? ··· Data Center Innovation

With the development of deep learning algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has rapidly developed. In most industries, the application range has been widened and performance has been expanded enough to be used in AI technology.

The system semiconductor market is changing as AI semiconductors and neuropathydrocess (Opus) optimized for deep learning are released. Until now, the graphics processing device (GPU) has been in charge of AI operations.


AI semiconductors are a system semiconductor that corresponds to the AI brain, which runs large-scale operations at high speed and low power. Maximizing efficiency by doing less power while using less power.

SK Unix has invested in AI semiconductors as a future growth engine that follows memory semiconductors. SK Unix developed the AI semiconductor Sapion in partnership with SAXON, AI semiconductor company that came out of SK Telecom earlier this year. Sapion introduced an ai semiconductor for data center in 2020.

As the AI semiconductor has emerged as a future food, a glimpse of the AI semiconductor that Sapion expects will be held on the 1st floor of CODEX, Seoul on the 15th.

Hosted and hosted by Genet Korea, Money Today, Korea Software Industry Association (ROSA) and ICT Federation, the chief technology officer of Sapion (CTO) was lecturer at the 2022 Korea Fourth Industrial Revolution Festival. And the future.

Chung will give a lecture for 20 minutes from 5 pm to 5:20 pm on the 15th. It explains how the CPU is developed in line with the direction of AI technology development and the requirements of the service. In particular, we will look at the trends of high-performance CPU development used in data centers.

The CTO lecture, which will be held on the day, will be a good opportunity to listen to the global market with Sapion’s AI semiconductor strategy.

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