Building a city on the back of a wandering huge creature! THE WANDERING VILLAGE early access starts in Japanese

Swiss Indie Blooper Stray Fawn Studio has started early access to the simulation strategy The Wandering Village , a simulation strategy that co-communicates with WhisperGames.

This game is a single play work that gives instructions to the villagers from a viewpoint. In October 2020, we started crowdfunding to raise development funds and succeeded in reaching all stretch goals.

Creating a city on the back of a giant creature

The stage of this work is the earth covered with mysterious plants that emit a poisonous spore. Players are the leaders of survivors on the back of a huge wandering creature, which are called ONB, and confronted trials such as poisonous spores, merciless weather, and dangerous creatures. While building a symbiotic relationship with giant creatures, we will develop the village and survive.

Compatible with Japanese

It is translated into Japanese, including the video scene at the beginning of the introduction section.

Early access is expected to be more than one year


The early access period of developing with the aim of formulating while obtaining the feedback of players is assumed to be more than one year at this time. During the period, we plan to implement new buildings, biome, events, missions, stories, etc., implementation of functions such as Steam trading cards and achievements, and controller.

Content at the beginning of early access

As the status of the game at the beginning of early access, the core of the game, such as architecture, agriculture, collection, research, reconnaissance, and order to the giant creature OMB, has already been implemented, and while there is a replay characteristic, there is not enough volume. It has been revealed that there is still room for sophisticated, such as what is done and the existence of bugs.

Added to feedback

Game feedback and bug reports will be accepted on the official website forum or official Discord channel.

The worldview, The Wandering Village, is distributed for 2,570 yen, which is usually 2,570 yen for PCs for PCs, and 10%off the release commemoration of 2,313 yen until September 29.

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