Can children inherit Startup Business in Bitlife?

If you are interested in whether the children of your character can inherit any successful startup you created in Bit life, the answer is: no . In short, Bit life currently does not have feature which allows users to transfer startups to their descendants. Because of this, if your main / start character dies, you should use the money inherited by your children to start a new business.

We recommend that you move to a country in advance in which there is no inheritance tax to increase the amount of the money that your child receives. It will also allow you to quickly resume the previous business with the children of your old character. You can also purchase a business of your main character using an option called to purchase as part of the Special Business Career option.

However, this method is not a win-win option since the possibilities for companies to buy in the framework of Acquire, usually random . Because of this, you may need restart the game several times before the business of your old character appears in the Acquire section. Fortunately, you do not need to wait to return your old business, since the developers plan to release the second business news This will add children inheriting businesses in Bit life.


when will inheritance appear in Bit life? (Bit life update, part 2)

At the time of writing, it is not known when Candy writer will release a second business upset for Bit life. However, we know that this update will add a function that many players ask for children to inherit the business.

As a note: Another future update for enterprises, similar to the inheritance update, will allow users to invest in the stock market. However, this update of the stock market is most likely a separate update from the Heritage update.

As for Bit life and its many updates, we have provided you with many materials in Pro Game Guides, such as why my Bit life purchase does not work? And how to start a business in Bit life .

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