GENSHIN IMPACT CYNO: Elementary ability, explosion and constellations explained

Genshin Impact 3.1 is just around the corner, and is ready to bring a new 5-star electron character named CNO. According to the official statement of Converse, CNO will be available during the first phase of the desire of the event, called Twilight Arbiter, and players can grab the character by pulling his banners. This Genshin Impact Guide will explain everything about GENSHIN IMPACT Elementary ability, explosion and constellations of CNO . Then, without further ado, let’s deepen the details.

GENSHIN IMPACT CYNO-Skills and skills explained

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As we mentioned earlier, CNO is a next 5-star electron character that will be launched along with version 3.1. Here is a detailed breakdown of the character’s abilities:

Normal attack: Indicator spear

Normal *: Make up to 4 consecutive spear blows.
Loaded : Consume a certain amount of endurance to launch forward and inflict damage to opponents on the road.
Very low : It is immersed from the air to hit the ground underneath, damaging the opponents along the way and inflicting AOE DMG when impacting.

Elementary ability

** When CNO is under the Pact sworn Pathclerar effect activated by Sacred Rite: Wolf IS Swiftness, he in his place unleashes a mortuary Rite that inflicts a thunderous electrical damage AOR and extends the duration of Pact sworn Gatherer.

Elemental explosion

* speed of the wolf of the sacred rite : CNO calls a divine spirit to possess it, transforming into the Pact sworn Path clearer.
* Pact sworn Path clearer: Normal, loaded and immersion attacks of CNO become electrical damage that cannot be canceled. It also increases the elementary domain of it and its resistance to interruption and gives immunity to electric shock damage.
* This effect is canceled if CNO leaves the field and lasts a maximum of 18 seconds.


The gift of silence: * CNO wins 25 % more rewards when you send it to an expedition of Summer for 20 hours
Fall sentence of feathers: When CNO is in the state Pact sworn Pathfinder activated by Sacred Rite: Wolf IS Swiftness, he adopts the endear posture at intervals. If Secret Rite activates: Classic sulfate while affected by this position, activates the judiciary effect, which increases the damage to this secret: Classic sulfate by 35 % and shoots three Dust stalker Bolts that inflict 50 % of CNO’s attack as electron. Damage. Ovarian discharge damage is considered elementary skill damage.
Authority over the nine arches: ** Increases the normal attack damage to Pact sworn Pathcleraer in 125% of the elementary domain of it. It also increases the projectile damage to the dust walker of the feathers’ falling trial of his passive talent by 250% of his elementary domain.


* Ordinance: Incessant vigil: After using Sacred Rite: Wolf’s Swiftness, CNO’s normal attack speed will increase by 20 % for 10 s. If the judiciary of the liabilities Feather fall Judgment of his talent is activated during Secret Rite: Classic sulfate, the duration of this increase will be updated. You must unlock the passive talent judgment of the fall of the pen.

Ceremony: Return to House of Spirits: * When normal CNO attacks hit opponents, their normal attack critic index and their critic damage will increase by 3 % and 6 %, respectively, for 4 S. This effect can be activated once every 0.1 s. Maximum 5 accumulations. The duration of each accumulation is counted independently.
PRECEPT: Legal Executor : Increases the Sacred Rite level: Wolf’s Swiftness in 3. The maximum level of update is 15.
Austerity: Prohibitive Guard: When CNO is in Pact sworn Path clearer activated by Sacred Rite: Wolf’s Swiftness, after activating electro-charted, Super conduct, Overloaded, Quick, Aggravate, Hyperbloom, Electron Swirl or Electron Crystallization, will restore 3 of elementary energy for all. MEMBERS OF THE NEARS GROUP (except himself). This effect can occur 5 times within a Sacred Rite use: Wolf’s Swiftness.
Funeral rite: The passage of the light of the stars: * Increases the level of Secret Rite: Classic sulfate in 3. The maximum level of improvement is 15.
Reason: Only scales: * After using Sacred Rite: Wolf’s Swiftness or activate the judiciary effect of passive talent Feather fall Judge, CNO will obtain 4 accumulations of the Day of the Jackal effect. When he hits opponents with normal attacks, he will consume 1 accumulation of Day of the Jackal to shoot a Dust stalker Bolt. Canal Day lasts 8S. Maximum 8 accumulations. It will be canceled once Pact sworn Gatherer ends. A maximum of 1 discharge of stalking can be released in this way every 0.4 s. First you must unlock the passive talent judgment of the fall of the pen.


The previous information comes from Honey Impact.

That is all you need to know about GENSHIN IMPACT SKILLS AND SKILLS OF CNO . Before leaving, do not forget to consult some of our other GENGHIS IMPACT-CONTANTIDE RELATED HERE IN DLPRIVATOSERVER, as how to complete the table of tablet analysis and how to complete the line of line overflow Law in Genshin Impact 3.0.

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