The occult -covered youth pattern looks quite fun! ? Overseas campus SRPG DEMONSCHOOL trial report [TGS2022]

Nintendo Switch/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show 2022, RPG Demon school (DemonSchool))] . Become a college student who is investigating the occult, and it is a strong tactical element that fights various monsters.

This work, produced by MICROSOFT GAMES, featured a unique character with unique characters, an operation part where you can enjoy overseas university life, and a battle part that is quite responsive. In this article, we will deliver a trial repo of DemonSchool.

◆ Overseas campus life that looks quite fun and Destiny with a good taste.

The demo play, which was exhibited, was prepared for the story part and the boss battle part. First, play from the story part. The game started from a scene where four main characters, including Faye, investigating an occult case. Apparently, he is investigating a secret ritual related to school…

The Japanese role is also holding down the key points, and the conversation progresses at a good tempo. Faye is easy to understand, such as the leader and the not is a brain role, and even demo play with little prior information has been exchanged to understand the incident and the relationship.

When the blur (?) In charge of Destiny, etc., when it became a serious atmosphere, it would soften the place with the story, but in the short time of the play, I like Destin-kun, I like it… It made me think. If you are interested in a scenario where you can find a character you like from the beginning, a yakuza who has been obsessed with the devil to disturb the reasoning will appear. Enter the battle.

The battle is a system that sets actions in chronological order for each turn. After preparation, both allies and enemies will start action. Perhaps because I didn’t play this type of game very much, I felt quite a bold difficulty.

The impressive thing was that there were only two of the four attackers, and the moving direction was limited to eight directions (except the side steps).

This is quite troublesome, and if you are not always careful about the position of the character, you will not be able to attack the enemy at the essence, and if you do not predict ahead, it will be a painful battle system. 。 The supporter NATO is responsible for buffing and recovery of his ally, so he has been paying attention to his mobile route. You have to be careful because some enemies have gimmick elements.

Instead, there is a combo here. It is possible to blow with your friends along with the cut-in production. If this is decided, the war will be leaned in an advantage at once. Of course, the position is important in combo. In this work, it seems that the cooperation that connects after that rather than the attack will become an important system.

After the battle is over, we will move to everyday part. This was a gloomy point, and it was a bright campus life, although there was a shade of the plot.

◆ Boss battle is full of gimmicks and difficulty! ? Positioning may be the most important…

After clearing the story to some extent, returned to the home screen and challenged the demo play version of the boss battle. The story mode has progressed at a stretch from the situation where the mystery was solving in the early stages, and the residents of the city were also affected, and it has changed to a world that can no longer be recovered without defeating the boss. But here, Destin-kun’s stupidest explodes…! It makes me think again, I’m a good character…!

The giant skeleton that came out with flashy production is a boss in the demo play version. I will pop the monsters one after another, and I will feel that I will be able to catch up immediately if I do not properly attack the boss while processing them.

When I was struggling even in a small fish battle because the positioning was not good, the Microsoft Games, who came to the booth, said, The boss is on the ground. It would be advantageous to attack your fingers. Certainly, there is a hint mark on the screen.

If you attack it according to the advice, the brain and eyeballs will be vigorously ragged from the skeleton with a nasty feeling. I’m just going to get rid of it here, but at this time, only Destin-kun was able to attack immediately because of poor positioning.

However, if you know this, you can defeat it, and when you start a turn so that four friends will gather around the boss, it is crushed by the brain that has fallen and all the people are crushed and annihilated…. Of course, the demo play has ended with this game over.

By the way, what I played this time is a demo play version, so I don’t know how many gimmicks are available in the finished version, but at least at the test stage I was surprised at the diverse. And the game character that emphasizes positioning, which is the starting point of all , is also attractive. Even if I leave my immature arms, wouldn’t it be a pretty rewarding game? I can predict.

DEMONSCHOOL fights with a wide variety of monsters while enjoying overseas campus life. It is scheduled to be released in 2023, so if you are interested, why not pay attention?

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