Wows first game in the game, how did you make it?

The World of Warcraft Development Team has released a video of the new episode of the ‘Building Zeroth’ series that looks back on the history of the game.

On the 19th, Zeros: In the gateway to anger, Terran Gregory, Lead Cinematic Narrative Designer of the World of Warcraft Development Team, was directly commented on, and developed World of Warcraft’s first game at the time. I talked about the anecdote. He also talked about the effects of cinematic on the game’s visual storytelling after the gateway to anger.


In the early part of the original World of Warcraft: The Rich King’s Wrath of the Rich King, the players will participate in the battle of the Wrath gate along the main stem of the Dragon Blight Long. The last part of the campaign, the battle, included World of Warcraft’s first cinematic.

The initial process of creating a cinematic with only in-game elements using the engine. At this time, you can see the story of the cinematic production that has been lively and immersive in the story of the game, such as the content of the development team employees who played the voice and character.

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