NBA 2K23: The complete guide to best playmaking badges

NBA 2K23 is a popular basketball video game that just hit the market. If you’re a fan of NBA 2K23 or just love to play video games, then you’ll want to check it out! But to do that, you need to know how to get badges for your favorite team. Here we will give you an overview of the best game-making badges, rank them based on their usefulness, and everything you need to know about earning badges in NBA 2K23.

How to get NBA 2K23 badges?

Then you’ll love getting NBA 2K23 badges. These badges can give your console some serious gaming cred, and there’s no better way to get them than through our guide.

First things first: You’ll need a copy of NBA 2K23. If you don’t have it yet, you can buy it here. Once you have the game, follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Step One: Create a MyTeam or MyPlayer character
  • Step Two: Unlock all the achievements in the game
  • Step Three: Collect all the NBA 2K23 badges available in the game

There are a lot of badges available in NBA 2K23, so it might take some time to collect them all.

NBA 2K23 is an amazing game; acquiring all the badges is worth your time. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to show your gaming skills to the world!

How to get certain badges in NBA 2K23?

Players can earn a total of 131 NBA badges in the NBA 2K video game series. Players must win games, complete challenges, or purchase them with coins to get badges. Here’s a guide on how to get all 131 badges:

  • Win a game in NBA 2K23: To earn this badge, you must win a regular season or playoff game.
  • Complete challenges in NBA 2K23: To earn this badge, you must complete specific challenges available throughout the game. For example, you can complete challenges to unlock new player cards or achieve high scores.
  • Purchase badges with coins in NBA 2K23: You can also purchase certain badges with coins. For example, you can buy the “First Star” badge for 500 coins.

What badges are available in NBA 2K23?

In NBA 2K23, you can earn badges to further your player development. Badges are earned by accomplishing specific tasks or goals in the game. Here is a list of all the badges that are available in NBA 2K23:

  • Basket Maker: Earn this badge by making at least 5,000 shots from inside three-point range.
  • Blocker: Block at least 500 shots in NBA 2K23.
  • Dunk Contest Champion: Win a Dunk Contest in NBA 2K23.
  • Elite Baller: Score at least 10,000 points in NBA 2K23.
  • Headliner: Perform at least 100 dunks in NBA 2K23.
  • Highlight Reelrator: Earn at least 5,000 highlight reels in NBA 2K23.
  • Multi-Tasker: Play as your team’s starting five players on at least 50 different occasions in NBA 2K23.
  • Passing Master: Throw a pass to an open teammate for a score in NBA 2K2310 times.
  • Rebounding Master: Score at least 20 rebounds in a single game in NBA 2K23.

Which badges are required for some achievements in NBA 2K23?

Some achievements in NBA 2K23 require players to earn badges. These badges can be earned by playing the game or by watching videos. Below is a list of all the badges required for some achievements.

To earn the “All-Star” achievement, players must first complete the “Legend” difficulty level. To earn the “Slam Dunk Champion” badge, players must first complete the “Stars” difficulty level. To earn the “Best Overall Player” badge, players must first complete the “Heroes” difficulty level. To earn the “One Man Band” badge, players must first complete the “Legends” and “Superstars” difficulties levels.

Which players have the most badges in NBA 2K23?

One of the most popular features of NBA 2K23 Badges is the player badges. This feature lets you see which players have the most badges in a particular category.

You can earn many badges in the NBA 2K23 Badges guide, each one offering a different way to improve your game. Some popular badges include MVP, All-Star, and Rookie of the Year.

If you want to improve your gameplay, earning badges from the NBA 2K23 Badges guide is a great way to do it. You’ll be able to see how well you’re doing in each category and make adjustments as needed.

NBA 2K23: Best Playmaking badges.

The rankings below should give you an idea of which badges to equip your playmaker within NBA 2K23:

  1. Quick First Step: When this badge is equipped, maximize it to reach your natural speed from a stop. You can also break them down with dribbling action.
  2. Handles for Days: When this badge is maxed out, it will help you dribble multiple times on the court without expending too much energy and exhausting you. This allows you to chain multiple moves to break defenders.
  3. Bail Out: This badge is valid when used at the Bronze level. It allows you to throw amazing shots and helps you play against bigs on the court.
  4. Floor General: Although this badge is a tier 1 badge, you won’t want to miss this one. This badge improves the offensive skills of teammates. It won’t affect you, but it’s vital to the team. Your team will be able to unleash the deadliest attack, and opponents will struggle to deal with players with this badge in the team.
  5. Needle Threader: The player’s passing ability improves when passing through two tight defenders.
  6. Break Starter: Equipped with this badge and grabbing the defensive board, deep passing on the field is more precise and accurate. However, the ball must be passed quickly after the defensive rebound.

NBA 2K23: Best Badges for Playmaking Guards

Ankle Breaker
When the player selects this badge, defenders will stumble or fall more frequently when biting in the wrong direction while performing stepbacks and other specific actions. This badge is great for playmakers and shot creators.

Ankle Breaker is best paired with Space Creator Badge, Tight Handles Badge, and Unpluckable Badge. This badge increases the ball handling attribute of a player.

Dimers’ pass to the open shooter in the half-court can improve his field goal percentage. This badge is perfect for Playmakers. The Dimer Badge works best with the Threader Badge, Floor Universal Badge, and Breakstarter Badge. Dimer badges are great for improving your passing accuracy.

Killer Combos
This badge helps improve players’ ability to chain dribble moves when sizing up their opponent.

Killer Combo is also the best badge for Playmakers and iso-dribblers as it would increase the Ball Handling attribute of a player. It goes quite effective when paired with the Handles For Days Badge and Hyper Drive Badge.

Handles for Days
When this badge is part of your build, your players hit the ball using very little energy off the dribble, which allows them to chain combos together faster and longer.

Handles for Days badge is a sort of all-rounder badge. It is well suited for Playmakers, Offensive threats, and Shot Creators. This badge is best paired with the Unpluckable Badge, Tight Handlers Badge, and Ankle Breaker Badge.

NBA 2K23: Best Badges for Playmaking Slashers

This badge will make it difficult for defenders to execute their steal attempts. This badge is best for playmakers but also for shot creators and scorers.

The unpluckable badge is best paired with the Step & Go Badge, Ankle Breaker Badge, and Handles For Days Badge.

Clamp Breaker
This badge assists the player as a ball handler against touching, protecting the ball and penetrating opponents. Clamp Breaker is very useful for Playmakers. The Clamp Breaker Badge works best with the Handles for Days Badge, Hyperdrive Badge, and Slithery Badge.

Quick First Step
This Playmaking badge allows ball handlers to launch faster and more maneuverable after dealing with triple threats. This badge increases players’ speed, acceleration, and ball control attributes. This badge is best for Playmakers, Slashers, and Finishers. It works best with Step & Go badges, Ankle Breaker badges, and Tight Handlers badges.

NBA 2K23: The complete guide to getting playmaking badges

They elevate your game. Playmaking badges are some of the great badges in NBA 2k23, as they boost the attributes of individual players and entire teams. So for these badges, you need Playmaking Badge Points. You can get points by doing the following in-game:

  • Attack Assists
  • Alley-Oop Assists
  • Deep Outlet Passes
  • Pick & Roll Passes

Doing any of these will earn you Playmaking badge points and more if you win the game. You can use these points to earn these badges. Below we will tell you exactly the attribute requirements of these badges in NBA 2K23.

  • Quick First Step
    • Ball Handle: 70 (Bronze)
    • Ball Handle: 77 (Silver)
    • Ball Handle: 85 (Gold)
    • Ball Handle: 89 (HoF)
  • Handles For Days
    • Ball Handle: 70 (Bronze)
    • Ball Handle: 85 (Silver)
    • Ball Handle: 94 (Gold)
    • Ball Handle: 99 (HoF)
  • Bail Out
    • Pass accuracy: 65 (Bronze)
    • Pass accuracy: 78 (Silver)
    • Pass accuracy: 85 (Gold)
    • Pass accuracy: 94 (HoF)
  • Floor General
    • Pass accuracy: 68 (Bronze)
    • Pass accuracy: 83 (Silver)
    • Pass accuracy: 89 (Gold)
    • Pass accuracy: 96 (HoF)
  • Needle Threader
    • Pass accuracy: 69 (Bronze)
    • Pass accuracy: 78 (Silver)
    • Pass accuracy: 85 (Gold)
    • Pass accuracy: 92 (HoF)
  • Break Starter
    • Pass accuracy: 60 (Bronze)
    • Pass accuracy: 69 (Silver)
    • Pass accuracy: 79 (Gold)
    • Pass accuracy: 86 (HoF)
  • Ankle Breaker
    • Ball Handle: 55 (Bronze)
    • Ball Handle: 65 (Silver)
    • Ball Handle: 71 (Gold)
    • Ball Handle: 81 (HoF)
  • Dimer
    • Pass accuracy: 64 (Bronze)
    • Pass accuracy: 69 (Silver)
    • Pass accuracy: 80 (Gold)
    • Pass accuracy: 85 (HoF)
  • Killer Combos
    • Ball Handle: 70 (Bronze)
    • Ball Handle: 79 (Silver)
    • Ball Handle: 85 (Gold)
    • Ball Handle: 97 (HoF)
  • Unlockable
    • Ball Handle: 65 (Bronze)
    • Ball Handle: 75 (Silver)
    • Ball Handle: 84 (Gold)
    • Ball Handle: 95 (HoF)
  • Clamp Breaker
    • Ball Handle: 64 (Bronze)
    • Ball Handle: 77 (Silver)
    • Ball Handle: 87 (Gold)
    • Ball Handle: 96 (HoF)

There are a total of 97 badges that you can collect, and each one offers a unique experience and challenge. Whether you’re a basketball junkie or just trying to rack up some Gamerscore, earning all of these badges should be your top priority.

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