[News] 6GHz is possible? Intel 13th generation CPU reveals Raptor Lake

Intel’s new 13th generation desktop CPU, ‘Raptor Lake’ (hereinafter referred to as Raptor Lake), which was waiting for many fans, was released around 2 am on September 28, 2022.

The information was broadcast live throughout the world through ‘Intel Innovation Live 2022’ and was introduced shortly through Intel’s CEO, Pat Gel singer. Since then, detailed specifications and contents have been confirmed through the Intel Newsroom. In addition to the 13th generation CPU, the company also unveiled the actual appearance and release date of ‘Intel Arc A770’ aimed at gamers.


The Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition (16 GB) graphics card, which will be in charge of the flagship lineup of the Arc Alchemist desktop series, will be released on October 12. The official price of the product, introduced by Pat Gel Singer, is expected to be $329. The details of the product are not yet officially announced, but there are many speculations that the performance between RTX 3060 and RTX 3070 will be performed when the company predicts the position in foreign rumors and price.

The following product is the ‘Intel Core i9-13900K’ CPU, especially the KS series, which is released as a limited edition by selecting excellent core in the live, and directly referred to the 6.0GHz. Some models of Intel’s 13th generation, Raptor Lake, will be released on October 20, and the remaining series will be provided sequentially. Intel i9-13900K is a product with a maximum boost clock of 5.8GHz in up to 24 core (8 P core, 16 E-core) and 32 threads.

Since then, the details of the Raptor Lake series have been found in the Intel Newsroom. The products released were the I9-13900K mentioned above, the KF model, i7-13700K and KF models, and i5-13600K and KF models. The overall specifications of the upgraded were also outstanding, but the most popular among hardware fans is that the official price of 13900K is $589, which is a freezing price for the 12900K, which is in charge of the previous high-end lineup.

Meanwhile, the 13th generation CPU, which will be released this time, is compatible with the motherboard of the existing Intel 600 or the new Intel 700 Series Chipset, and has expanded its diversity to select users according to performance and budget through the latest DDR5 memory support.

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