FIFA 23: Trophies – this is how you grab all successes

In this trophy guideline for FIFA 23 you can find out:

  • How many trophies are in FIFA 23
  • What you have to do to get the success
  • How to unlock the platinum trophy on PS4 and PS5

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there are so many trophies in FIFA 23

On the PS4 and PS5 you can unlock a total of 40 trophies in FIFA 23 . These are divided as follows:

24x bronze *
12x silver
3x gold
* 1x platinum

If you play FIFA 23 on Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X, you can collect 39 successes, which give you a total of 1,000 points in the Gamer score **. The tasks you have to complete on PlayStation and Xbox for the Achievements are identical.

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FIFA 23: All bronze trophies

To achieve the bronze trophies, you have to make easier tasks **. You have to be active in the different game modes or play a game with house rules.

Name Description Trophy Gamer score
Football is everything Games 1 women’s national team Bronze 15
Best-of-5 Play in kick-off mode 5 1-against-1 games with a friend Bronze 15
High goals Complete 10 optimized goals in all games Bronze 15
As in real Complete a season with a real trainer and his real team Bronze 15
Multitasking Complete at least 10 activities in one season Bronze 15
Very special Switch 1 archetype in Pro Clubs free Bronze 15
Housing Games and concludes a cup house rules game in Pro Clubs Bronze 15
This is just the beginning Complete your first league game in Pro Clubs: Seasons with a win Bronze 15
Unpleasant Switch all the properties of a capacity tree in Pro Clubs Bronze 15
Played Play at least 1 game with 3 different goal songs in FIFA Ultimate Team Bronze 15
Wait a minute Complete 1 future moment Bronze 15
Defense bar Stay in Fut Squad Battles 10 times without conceding a goal Bronze 15
At home Games a game with any house rules in FUT-Friendly games Bronze 15
Tactical genius Create your own individual tactics in FIFA Ultimate Team Bronze 15
Victory formula Put together a team with 33 chemical points in FIFA Ultimate Team Bronze 15
It can start Games/winnings 1 game in any offline mode with activated competition settings Bronze 15
Power trot Scored 1 gate with the Power shot mechanics Bronze 15
Training fans Complete all skill games in the main menu Bronze 15
Idea & Implementation Win a penalty shootout without a miss Bronze 15
Standard ace Achieve a free kick gate Bronze 15
Kaufrausch Buy 1 item in the Volta shop Bronze 15
Fresh outfits Changing 1 item in the Outfits section Bronze 15
Teamwork pays off Profits in Volta teams 1 game with 3 friends Bronze 15
Volta elite Reach 90 GE with your avatar Bronze 15

FIFA 23: All silver trophies

For the silver trophies you have to improve your players ** and win various games and tournaments.

Name Description Trophy Gamer score
High notes Get an A-grade for a transfer negotiation Silver 30
Girl power Win 1 tournament with a team from a women’s league Silver 30
Balanced Reach 40 % personality points with two personalities of your choice Silver 30
Great personality Achieve a dominance of more than 75 % with a personality status Silver 30
High grade Get an A-Note in one Pro Clubs-Skill game Silver 30
Entry Get enough FUT Champions qualification points for the FUT Champions Playoffs qualification Silver 30
Played through Reach milestone 3 in a FUT Division Rivals season Silver 30
Monumental moment Get 100 stars in fut moments Silver 30
Cooperation Profit in Fut Squad Battles or Fut Division Rivals 10 co-op games with online friends Silver 30
Team building professional Complete in FIFA Ultimate Team 10 Squad Building Challenges Silver 30
Sharing is always good Buy 1 divisible item in the Volta shop Silver 30
On the way up Reach level 7 in Volta Football or Pro Clubs in one season Silver 30

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FIFA 23: Gold and platinum trophies

With the gold trophies you have to tackle the very big tasks. For example, you have to win the Champions League or 50 decorative items.

Name Description Trophy Gamer score
European legend Win the UEFA Champions League final Gold 90
Selected In FIFA Ultimate Team, reach 200 club missions with a player Gold 90
Wardrobe full Switch 50 different decorative items free Gold 90
Collection of honor Switch all other trophies free (without additional content trophies) Platinum
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