Thoroughly cool with an external cooler! Focus on the ASUS Rog Phone 6 equipped with the latest processor

September 15, the first day of the business day of Tokyo Game Show 2022 . All of them rushed to the venue on this day were literally business and media officials.

Among them, the latest gaming smartphone Dog Phone 6 ** was a product that eliminates the drawbacks that the conventional models had. 。

Smartphone game is completely different from SNS applications and messenger apps. Because large-capacity data must always be entered and out, it puts a heavy burden on the processor. Therefore, Dog Phone 6 is an elaborate cooling device and the latest processor, which is the problem.

Has the fever problem of the processor resolved?

At the press conference held by ASUS JAPAN on the 15th, Dog Phone 6, the upper version 6 Pro, and the collaboration product with Batman Batman Edition were released. Memory is a combination of large batteries with a maximum of 18 GB, 6,000mAh capacity, 65W fast charging adapter, and processors are Snapdragon 8+ Gen1. What should be noted here is the processor. The mainstream processor of the gaming smartphone that appeared in 2022 is Snapdragon 8 Gen1, but what is the difference between +?

As a premise, Snapdragon 8 Gen1 is known as a Han processor. Although this 8 Gen1 has a high specification, it also has the problem of easy to generate. When a processor generates more than a certain amount of fever, the specifications are lost to avoid any further overheating. In other words, 8 Gen1 is an excellent sprinter, but is not suitable for long-distance running **.

For this reason, the 8 Gen1 installed machine always has some kind of cooling mechanism. There are also models with large air-cooled fans on the processor, and even models with cooling tubes such as capillaries on the entire smartphone.

However, 8+ Gen1, which is used by Dog Phone 6, is said to be a product that has been considerably resolved by such troublesome fever problems. According to NATO Abe, Senior Manager, ASUS JAPAN System Business Department Technical Product Manager, Compared to DOG PHONE 6 8 Gen1 Prototype, there is a clear difference between Fuji and 8+ Gen1. However, it does not mean that 8+ Gen1 does not generate heat at all, and Proactive Cooler 6 is prepared to enhance the stability of the processor.

External cooler that is safe even for long play

By the way, what exactly is Proactive Cooler 6 that appeared in Abe’s story?

This is an external cooler installed on the back of Dog Phone 6. It is equipped with an AI cooling system, and it is a product that forcibly cools the smartphone itself with the combination of Peatier elements and large fans.

According to the published material, if you play Hardin at a frame rate of 60 Hz for 60 minutes, the DOG Phone 6 main body, which is not installed Proactive Cooler 6, is 44.8 degrees. However, if you install Proactive Cooler 6 and launch the most powerful cooling mode Frozen, the maximum temperature will drop to 36.2 degrees .

The 6.78-inch AMOLED display boasts a 165Hz refresh rate and a 720Hz touch sampling rate. However, it is the specifications only for the cooling device that is carefully considered. In this area, Dog Phone 6 is more protruding than other competitors.

From ultrasonic sensor to physical buttons!

Speaking of the Dog Phone series, many people associate with the ultrasonic sensor controller Air trigger mounted on the side of the main unit. Dog Phone 6 and the built-in Air trigger 6 supports the operation of pushing and raising in the game in addition to taps, horizontal and vertical slides, swipes. Again, you can see the great evolution from the previous generation model.

However, there should be many people who say, Old-fashioned physical buttons are better! Dog Phone 6 already has a compatible model of Dog Lunar 3 Game pad, so it covers a wide range of physical button users. Dog Lunar 3 Game pad can be used together with Proactive Cooler 6.

As a writer, I was impressed by the coolness of Dog Lunar 3 Game pad and Proactive Cooler 6. This form, which tickles the boy’s heart, is it! I don’t feel a little too aggressive, but I love this. Well, just looking at it will increase your body temperature. ASUS, who has to think not only on smartphone fever measures, but also for human fever. ?

Pandemic and the game industry

The new colon virus has rapidly expanded the game industry. This is a so-called nesting demand… but will the game industry wither like balloons when the pandemic ends? That would not be possible. Game is a sport is now a fact that everyone has to recognize, and sports are civilization activities. In other words, we humans have reconfirmed the phenomena in which modern civilization and games are closely intertwined with the pandemic.

Denying a game is nothing but denying a part of modern civilization. Among them, it is an inevitable flow that devices such as Dog Phone 6 that can easily and full-scale online games are developed.

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