To the end of Google STADIA service. End without landing in Japan

Google announced on September 30 that the service of the cloud game service STADIA will end. The subscriber can be played until January 18, 2023.

STADIA is a cloud game service provided by Google. The game is running on the server side, and users can play streaming game play on Google’s smartphone Pixel series, Chrome OS tablet, Chromecast Ultra, etc. In November 2019, we launched a wide range of games, from major manufacturers to indie games.

The service features Google’s unique features, such as CROWD Play, which allows viewers to participate in the game with a single click during distribution through YouTube. However, the provision of promised functions at the beginning of the announcement was delayed, and an internal studio to produce a game for STADIA was established, but after that, the situation was not steady, such as closing without seeing the results. In the past, when the manufacturer announced a new work, it was often the case that Stadia was included in the compatible platform, but recently it has not been seen.

In this announcement, Google explained that STADIA was not as supported as expected, so he decided to end the service. In the future, as mentioned above, subscribers can play the game until January 18, 2023. And all Stadia hardware purchased at Google Store, and all purchased games and add-on content will be refunded to users. Most of the refunds are expected to be completed in mid-January 2023.

Google commented that STADIA technology can be applied to other businesses. He will continue to commit and invest in the game industry. He also says that providing the technology to the industry partner. In fact, the company offers a cloud gaming service technology to the telecommunications company AT & T.


The company said that it would expand the STADIA’s provision area, but as a result, the service will end without landing in Japan.

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