What is the new CD Projakt IP with a name in Hadar code? Explanation of the theory

The Polish developer CD Project Red has endured two years torrided since the failed launch of Cyberpunk 2077, but its luck is changing slowly. Earlier this month, the study announced an ambitious timeline of future projects after the success of the recent Edge runners update. Here we are discussing What is the new IP of CD Project Red with name in Hadar Code Everything and our theories about what it could be.

New CD Project Red IP Hadar explained

While the total volume of the series of new CDPR projects is surprising, its theme is not. All projects are within its two IP with immensely popular license, The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077. Even after all the controversy that surrounded the launch of the latter and the damage resulting to its reputation, it was likely that the study would continue with spin-offs and later sequela. The Hadar project, however, is a different story.

The new IP, whose code name is Hadar, is the great mysterious package in the CDPR timeline. It is an original IP, designed and completely internally conceptualized from scratch, and it is said that it is different from the other main franchises of the study.

Until now, that is all we have to do, apart from the fact that it is still in the earliest stages of the creative process by an attack team of developers. Real development has not yet begun in the project, and the company is still very quiet about the nature of its design.

What kind of game is Project Hadar?

Everything we can do for now is to speculate on what type of game could be tightened, and with such limited information, it is impossible to be or remotely safe. But there are a couple of clues in the announcement that we can extrapolate.

First, we know that the game will be different from both The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077, which means that it is very unlikely to present an aesthetic/fantasy scenario or Cyberpunk. It would simply be overlapping that a game resembles any of those.

We have seen studies like Bethesda, which similarly has two important Open World IPs with a very different aesthetic in The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, recently expanded to the space opera with Star field. CDPR could be considering promoting the third pillar of your content curriculum in that same type of direction?

Possibly. However, it is worth considering that an IP that is different would not necessarily be limited to seem different in aesthetics. There are many possibilities for Hadar not to even be an open world role play. After all, we have seen great developers such as Riot Games diversifying their usual Monera to create completely new games in recent years. Think of Valorant compared to League of Legends: Mob’s mass jump to FPS despite his lack of gender experience. Riot also has a fighting game and an MMORPG in process. Maybe CDPR is thinking of adding a completely new rope to your arch with Hadar?

Another thing to consider is that CDPR was very clear in its belief that a multiplayer component would perform in many of its games for a single player to enrich the experience. Such interest in the multiplayer space could well indicate that Hadar cannot even be a single player game. Maybe this is some type of live EVE service title to complement its typical content of a single player based on history?

We will have to wait and see before we can make more assumptions, since basically everything is on the table at this time. That might not be for a while, considering the large volume of projects that CDPR is in process and that the company usually takes a long time to develop its games.

Until then, to get more information about the Hadar code name of CD Project, keep it blocked in and see some of our Correlated contents listed below.

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