Pokemon Go – Classic Community Day: Return one of the most dear first generation!

Our interest in Pokémon Go always depends on the events that take place in the Ni antic game. However, that is not a big problem when developers introduce so much news and so interesting. After revealing the complete calendar of the game in the month of October, from the company they wanted to advance to announce one of the most interesting appointments that will take place in November. We refer to the day of the classic community , which returns on the first Saturday of next month to offer us to Dating as a prominent Pokémon.

All the details of the Classic Dating community in Pokémon Go

This will not be the first time that Dating stars in a community day, although the return of it occurs in this classic format. The evolutionary chain that completes Dragon air and Dragon ite was already available in February 2018, but we are not going to disgust this new opportunity to get the first dragon of the Pokémon franchise . The details of the event are the following:

Date and time *: The day of the Classic Community of Dating will take place next Saturday, November 5 between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. local time
Event bonus : Star dust x3 in each capture
game store : A special investigation will be available for one euro in the store


Of course, during this event we can get the Tricolor version of Dating . If personal appreciation is allowed, the first two creatures of the evolutionary chain are spectacular in Shiny, although Dragon ite loses a little of his elicit. However, it is so strange that we have even taken love.

Dating evolution to Dragon ite in Pokémon Go

Dragon ite is a more than powerful creature in Pokémon Go battles and a perfect guardian for gyms. If you want to get it you will have to evolve it by spending a total of 125 candies. Of course, you can use India berries to get more with each capture.

You will need 25 candies to evolve Dragon ite in Dragon air
You will need 100 candies to evolve to Dragon air in Dragon ite

During the day of the community, do not hesitate to seek to evolve several specimens of Dragon air to Dragon ite with the hope of obtaining at least one perfect or good statistics. All those who evolve between 14:00 and 19:00 (up to two hours after the end of the event) will have the attack Comet Draco .

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