Scalper sell the brand-new RTX 4090 on for EUR 4,500 – you can still get them to the RRP

Nvidia has actually simply published the RTX 4090 of the 4000 collection, when the first deals are currently arriving at eBay and Co. The horrendous rates there are most likely entirely incorrect, due to the fact that it indicates that some suppliers still obtain products.

This is the existing status:

In the situation of the RTX 4090, the most recent premium card from Nvidia, the associates of the Gamester on the trading platform have actually already uncovered offers for in between 2,800 and 4,500 euros. This is a juicy price compared to the currently violent RRP.

Why does the RTX 4090 expense a lot? The launch price of the new RTX cards was already at virtually 2,000 euros advised list price (RRP). Nvidia got great criticism for the high rate, but the cards were not less costly.

  • In September, Nvidia presented the new RTX 4080 and the RTX 4090, the new flagships of the GeForce graphics cards.
  • The new graphics cards were released yesterday, October 12th, and were readily available from 3 p.m.
  • Today, on October 13th, the tickets are currently marketed out in numerous places.

As with the PlayStation 5, the new graphics cards quickly came to be limited, so that the stocks of many stores were rapidly marketed out. This was evidently made use of by Scalper. Scalper is called users who specifically get items with a direct scarcity so that they can then market them extra expensive.

_ Meinmmo-hardware editor Benedict Schliemann questions anyway whether such graphics cards are really necessary: _

dealers are most likely still provided

That is why the cost is not worth it: As the English website Gamer records, the prices of the Scalper are totally disproportionate-apart from the fact that they are outrageous anyway. Since lots of dealers are not yet totally sold out.

It was just on October 13 that a dealership from the UK received a brand-new shipment of the RTX cards. That doesn’t use to all dealers. The tech chain box is momentarily sold out and can not say whether brand-new shipments are still appearing.

Gamer warns that it is quite possible to get an RTX 4090 to the RRP. In Germany, the NVIDIA authorities trading partner is the official trading partner, below the Owners Version of the RTX cards are always offered to the RRP. Chains such as Saturn and MediaMarkt are likewise assets of contact to get among the new graphics cards.

The acquisition of graphics cards by private individuals is also connected with risks, as a user lately mentioned:

When he installs them in his gaming PC, Player gets RTX 3080 Ti for only 640 euros-experienced a negative shock

Nvidia has just published the RTX 4090 of the 4000 series, when the very first deals are already landing on and Co. Why does the RTX 4090 price so much? ** The release price of the new RTX cards was currently at almost 2,000 euros recommended retail price (RRP). It was only on October 13 that a supplier from the United Kingdom obtained a brand-new shipment of the RTX cards.

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