2022 G -Star with , what is there?

Game Media tors will participate in G-Star this year with more expansion booths and various events. The international game exhibition ‘2022 G-STAR (hereinafter 2022 G-Star)’, which has become the largest game event in Susan, will be held in BEX CO, Susan from November 17 to 20.

First, BTC t Booth is an Intel as the main sponsor, and the booth exhibitors consist of Lenovo Region, Side, Project Sakai, Steel Series, TFT, Gaseous Duck, and Market t. The event will be held for visitors.

More interesting shopping, Market tors, and Market tors, League of Legends, and other guardians, and the new goods and events of Myeongil-ju, which celebrated the 2.5th anniversary, will be held. It also sells a variety of goods from Goose Duck, Overwatch, World of Warcraft and Enchant Creator. 2022 The booth location guide and bird’s eye view in the G-Star Exhibition Hall can be checked through the image below.

■ Ben booth location map

■ Birds of the first exhibition in Ben Booth

■ t booth partner

The G-Star Playground (Playground) will be operated on the third floor of the second exhibition hall where the BTC Hall is held for the first time from G-Star this year. The main sponsor of the G-Star Playground is Samsung Odyssey, and the booth is the ultimate and enchant.

The Creator Lounge, located in the t Playground, will be offering a fan signing event of creators and field streaming of creators, while the user zone will provide a lot of attractions and fun such as gaming energy jelly ultimate visit event and game experiences using Odyssey monitors. For more information on t Booth, news and participants can be found on the STAR 2022 Ben homepage.

■ 2nd Exhibition Hall G-Star Playground Booth Location

■ Second Exhibition Market G-Star playground bird’s eye view (scheduled to be released later)

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