Know the documentary that talks about the development of League of Legends in Colombia

International eSports content is always something that delights the fanatic in different ways, today Red Bull Gaming presented a video about the development of the League of Legends scene in Colombia where several known faces of the main league of the main league of the Country were present to talk about the evolution of the various competitions and how they have affected the scene.

Starting with a project entitled as The crack that sought to bring the community of Colombia with face-to-face events where players from all over the country enjoyed competitions, watchpartys and tournaments that later evolved in what is currently the Golden League, the maximum Colombian competition that brings players closer to the maximum professional circuit.

In the video we can see Cairo Felt Orozco, central lane of Zeu5 Bogotá , which talks about his approach to the world of eSports and how at 16 he crossed the country to face the best Players, is currently considered one of the strongest in the country after having a lot of triumphs with the squad of the Colombian wolves.

The scene was of amateur equipment, quite reduced, the professionalization came following the entrance of the LVP that brought a large capital injection for equipment that there was not before. The teams were from neighborhood, of friends who did not have many ambitions. Mentions Carlos Charlie Bravo , Catheter of the LVP Colombia

With the arrival of LVP Colombia, new faces were needed to involve these faces will help people to see something else came, added Juliana Lenore Aria, Catheter of LVP Colombia.

One of the events that most support the scene was the final of the LA in 2019 that motivated the fans who had the opportunity to attend the Movistar Arena to live with the fans of League of Legends . On the other hand, Sergio Cotopaxi Silva has been one of Colombia’s great exponents with his participation in the international competitive and his triumphs in the main league of the region.

Undoubted A lot of events that have defined the way for several players that demonstrate great growth,

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