The best version of Scylla on Smit for the competitive conquest

Scylla is one of Smith’s most powerful magicians due to the versatility of her skill set and intuitive strategy that is fun and powerful to develop in conquest mode. If you are new on Smith or you are considering trying a magician class character, Scylla is easily a first choice. She is a character that stands out in team fights and has a large set of skills that allows you to move efficiently through the walls, gives additional visibility on the map and has attacks with large AOE. With all that said, here is a summary of How you can build Scylla on Smith for the competitive conquest.

Building Scylla on Smith for the initial game

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* Time Arenas -Grant a passive with +2 MP5 for every 10 % of your missing MANA and your harmful skills inflict 10 additional real damage to the subjects. When starting in the central lane, this is one of the most powerful elements with which you can start.

* Uncommon cane -Add +15 Magic Power and +75 Health to your statistics. This is very well combined with the sandy sands and at level 3, it becomes the necessary engine of an object.

With your initial money leftover, go ahead and take x2 healing potions and x1 Potion of MANA . It should be able to remain in the central lane and accumulate enough experience and gold before returning to the source.

Building Scylla on Smith for half the game

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* Sorcerer cane -When you have saved at least 700 gold, you can return to the source to update your unusual cane to now you will have +45 of magical power, +100 of health and +100 of MANA. This is a great boost for your statistics. It is also important to achieve this element at the beginning of the game, so you can accumulate it and develop its maximum power.

With the remaining gold, you can save it for your next article, or you can buy another health or potion of MANA, depending on how your confrontation in the central lane goes. If your opponent is proven to be quite difficult, or they are attacking you a lot without support, you may want to get the potions that help you survive.

Barajas Barajas *-On his next trip back to the source, he will want to have at least 550 gold to be able to go directly to the source. Enchanted Level 2 ANALOGY from the Small Barajas . This object gives you +30 of magical power, +100 of health and +12 % of life theft. From this element, you can recover HP the more damage to enemies, which helps you stay in the central lane for longer to grow more, and it will help you drastically in equipment fights when you complete your final construction. Now that you are HP you will be safer, you can buy x2 Potions of MANA ** So you will have enough MANA to stay and grow gold and XP.

* Gem of the soul -As soon as you can, you will want to update Enchanted Trinket to Soul Gem level 3 that drastically increases your damage and theft of life, in addition to that your skills can be used faster. This object grants +80 of magical power, +150 of health, +12 % of theft of magical life and +10 % cooling reduction. Every time you hit an enemy with one of your skills, this element obtains a temporary accumulation, and at 4 accumulations, the following skill hits +25% additional damage and cures your allies within 20 units for 30% of your magical power, restarting the batteries

Book of spells *-Next, look for the spell book at the highest level that I can pay until you maximize it in the Soulreaover **. For a total of 2650 gold, you will get +95 of magical power and +300 from MANA. The best part of this element is that it exhausts opponents with maximum high HP by causing an additional 2% of the maximum health of your goal as magical damage. This increases if your goal has more than 2000 HP to a maximum of 9%, and subsequent blows cause half of the additional damage during the next 3 seconds. Your skills will be hitting with great damage at this point, so don’t give up!

Compilation of the end of the game for Scylla in Conquest

Image Source: Hi Red Studios

As you approach its final construction, you will have to make a decision at this point based on how they are building their opponents and what enemies are causing more problems to your team. As a magician, you will generally want to eliminate murderers, hunters and other enemy magicians as your main objective. These objectives generally have a weak magical defense and can be eliminated rapidly. However, if a guardian or opposite warrior is specifically attacking you or is causing problems to your team, you can concentrate on helping to defeat the warrior or guardian first.

The most important decision you will take for the construction of your final game is to choose between desolation spear or Obsidian fragment .

* Desolation spear -If you are doing a lot of damage to the opposite team while eliminating your goals without worrying about warriors or guardians, choose the spareness of desolation with a total of 2500 gold. This object considerably increases your magical power in +110, with +12 of magical penetration and +10% cooling reduction. The main benefits of this article will be the magical power and the increased reuse time. The maximum allowed reuse time is 40 %, but whenever you know how to have timing your skills with patience and precision, 20 % should be everything you need. The additional magical penetration is welcome, but is mainly used against enemies with high magical defense such as warriors and guardians. With an additional power and cooling balance, you can continue killing your goals with satisfaction.

* Fragment of Obsidian -If the warriors and guardians cause you problems constantly, you will want to get the Obsidian fragment for 2450 gold in total instead of the spear of desolation. The Obsidian fragment provides a great impulse of 20% magical penetration to break the high magical defense that warriors and guardians are packed, along with another magical power of +100. In addition to that, you will have a liability that gives your next ability a extra +10 % magical penetration before having to cool for 10 seconds. For this purpose, you can destroy warriors and guardians or any opposite enemy that builds a high magical defense.

Polynomial *-When the time comes to finish its construction, the Polynomial with 2300 total gold is a good option. Your final configuration will be completed with +95 of Magic Power, +300 of MANA and +12 % of life theft. With these statistics improvements, your skills will do tremendous damage, they will quickly be online, and you will have a lot of MANA to work. In addition, you will have enough lifestyle to cure and stay in large team fights while your skills hit. The final touch depends on your ability to hit enemies with your basic attack. Since Polynomial gives a passive ability that makes your basic attack hit with +75% of your magical power after using a skill, you will want to combine a basic attack immediately after launching your first sic’em ability and that momentarily paralyzes your goal. This bonus is only activated every 2 seconds, but that is all the time you need.
Divine ruin *-One of the most important elements to be mentioned for all magicians is divine ruin. The main objective of this element is to hit your enemies and reduce their skills to cure and steal lives. If your opponents use characters that have large amounts of life theft or healing skills, you should opt for this.

There you have it, an incredible creation to interpret Scylla in all her potential in the central lane of the conquest of Smite. Try it if you have not done so and continue to practice with it while using this complete configuration. Your skills will continue to improve, you will get tons of eliminations and your team will get more victories!

Be sure to look for DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more Smith content, including a summary on how to get the PTS in consoles, as well as our classification of the best gods of the game.

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