Resident Evil: Capcom announces event with franchise news

On the night of Monday, Cap com announced that it will make an event focused on news about the Resident Evil franchise this Thursday, October 20, at 19h asília time. Showcase materials will be focused on new revelations about Resident Evil 4 Remake and Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition, which will include Winter’s Expansion (Winter’s) content, highlighting the DLC Shadows of Rose (Rose Shadows) and mode Game with third-person perspective.


Spoilers Alerts about the end of Resident Evil Village below*_

The event will be the last before the release of Rose shadows, scheduled for October 28 and likely the only expansion of Resident Evil Village’s story. The DLC will be focused on an older version of Rose, who will be a 16-year-old girl who, apparently, will begin to explore her mysterious powers.

The game is also the most advanced point in Resident Evil’s history, spending 16 years after Resident Evil Village’s events, which ended with the tragic death of Ethan Winters to save his daughter and wife Mia, Miranda, villain end of the game.

In addition to more revelations about the content of Shadows of Rose, including the possible appearance of Chris Redfield over 60, the great expectation of the showcase revolves around the news about Resident Evil 4 Remake content.

Cap com’s oadcast should show you more details of the content of the Re4 campaign, which in the remake seems to bet on an even darker and faster vibe than the original 2005 title, originally released exclusively for Nintendo Game Cube and later ported for several others Platforms.

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