The survival horror THE CALLISTO PROTOCOL developers appeal to 60fps suddenly. What is the background of the sudden declaration

The official Twitter account of the survival horror game THE CALLISTO PROTOCOL managed by Developer Striking Distance Studios under Grafton will convey the release date of this work on October 19, and this work has a 60fps performance mode. I revealed that it would be done.

The Callisto Protocol is a survival horror game set in Jupiter’s satellite Christ 300 years later. At the Cellist, the prisoners have changed into creatures in Black I attempted, which exists in the brutal criminals-only facility. The protagonist, Jacob Lee, unravels the dark and disturbing mystery hidden under the Cellist, and aims to escape from this place.

In this work, the player confronts a brutal creature in combination of close combat and shooting. Grotesque and creative strategies, such as cutting the enemy’s limbs and taking freedom, are important. The development of this work is led by GLEN SCHOFIELD, who worked on the DEAD SPACE series, and this work has also attracted much attention as a spiritual successor to the series.

According to this announcement, this work will have a performance mode. Performance mode is a mode that draws priority on the height of the frame rate. In PC games, the user can set it flexibly, so it will probably be installed in the console version. In recent years, performance mode has been introduced in console games in recent years, and is generally switched to modes that prioritize image quality/resolution. In the performance mode of this work, it will work at 60fps.

The fact that THE CALLISTO PROTOCOL can be played at 60fps is nice information for fans who expect this work. However, the way of announcing this time is somewhat abrupt. Furthermore, at this time, it can be received at this timing. Recently, information on works that could not be played at 60fps has been revealed one after another, which has been discouraged by fans. Specifically, it is the console version of Gotham Knights and A Plague Tale: Requiem.

The console version of Gotham Knights will be released for PS5/Xbox Series X | S. According to Executive Producer Fleur Marty, the console version of this work does not have a performance mode and works at 30 fps. When providing a highly flexible cooperative play experience in the open world like this work, the reason is that it is not a simple mechanism that reduces the resolution to increase the frame rate (Euro gamer).

On the other hand, the A Plague Tale: Requiem, which has been released, is cleared by the analysis of YouTuber’s ElanalistadeBits (the following video). According to the report, the PS5/Xbox Series X | S version operates at 30fps (resolution is 1440p), and if it is connected to a refresh rate 120Hz TV, it will rise to 40 fps. There is no performance mode in this work.


Both Gotham Knights and A Plague Tale: Requiem are expected to work with higher performance by showing off the release to the PS4/Xbox One generation and focusing on the PS5/Xbox Series X | S. rice field. As a result, many fans were discouraged, and the media was reportedly reported.

Because these three works have different game styles, they work at 60fps, so it’s not a simple story that The Callisto Protocol is excellent. However, this announcement seems to be piggybacking on the topic that has become a hot topic. Probably, the developer Striking Distance Studios seems to have been aiming for the work, and as a result, it seems to be attracting attention. 。

THE CALLISTO PROTOCOL will be released on December 2 for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

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