Healing Multi Bus World Builder Game Wand the Pool released

Developer Tiny Lower and Publisher Dali Entertainment first unveiled the multibus world builder game Wand the Pool in the Polaris Convention in Hamburg. ‘Wan the Pool’ is a calm and peaceful adventure game that expands the world by deploying tiles as a multibus world building game.

Tiny Lower focused on delivering the storyline through gameplay mechanism and interaction. ‘Wand the Pool’ is a story that will tell the players through this mechanism. As the tiles deployed by the player creates an adventure and turns the bookshelf, the story progresses, so you can create your own story and create a cozy world.

In addition, ‘Wanda fool’ is a game that gives you mental stability with a peaceful atmosphere. You can do a lot of work in the play session of about 5 to 30 minutes and build a multibus at your own speed. All play types, such as strategic, creative, slow, or fast, are unlockable ecosystems, tiles and secrets that can be unlocked.

‘Wan the Pool’ will be introduced at the Polaris Game Convention in Hamburg from October 28 to 30. Dali Entertainment is a convention in the convention, Inklunati, Children of Silent Town, Hidden Dip, Unveiled! Here are some titles like.

‘Wan the Pool’ will be released soon in Steam Early access, and more details, such as the launch, can be found on Denali’s Twitter or Facebook.

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