Elden Ring: Author of House of the Dragon has never played the game and says he cant do that

George RR Martin reveals that he has not played Elden Ring for the simple reason that he is afraid to develop such an addiction that he is unable to finish his next book. In a way it is understandable, as the game remains relevant, and the community is engaged.

One of us

I didn’t play [Elden Ring] because people seem to want this book, Winds of Winter.

Unfortunately, I have a totally viable personality. I played video games for a long time, a long time, games like Railroad Tycoon, Master of Orion and Home world , and got involved in the game. Weeks, months, and I was sitting there in mine Red flannel robe thinking, ‘another game, one more game’ I can’t, I have to stop playing, it will kill me.

He has a book long expected to finish. According to Martin, Winds of Winter is already three bedrooms finished, and may well have about 1500 pages. And then of over 10 years of waiting , fans are certainly relieved that Mr. Martin did not risk an Elden Ring gambling.

Your role in the development of Elden Ring


Georges Martin also talked about his role in writing The history and construction of the world by Elden Ring: Video games-that I didn’t know, take it as long to be made as a great movie if no more. Intensive development, he said.

[From software made it clear that Elden Ring would happen, say, in the ‘gift’ of the game universe. They wanted me to write what happened 5,000 years before that turned the world completely upside down, so the Gift was really chaos. I came back and wrote a story of what happened 5,000 years before the current game, and who were all the characters, who killed themselves and what powers they had.

Anyway, Martin looks quite impressed and very happy with the end result. It’s the most beautiful game I’ve ever seen. It’s really amazing and incredibly detailed, and the people who play you love, and I’m very pleased to have been part of it.

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