Is there characters customization in Harvestella? Answered

With the new launch of Harvested, players are likely to wonder whether they should dive into the new JRPG agricultural simulator. There are many factors that come into play when people determine whether to get a new game. Customization of characters and how far you can carry such customization. Is it only the color of the hair, is it inclusive, is it extensive enough to include different sliding controls? There are many questions, and we are here to go into details when it comes to Harvested. So, Is there characters customization in Harvested? ?

Keep reading to get an answer to this question (and more).

Explanation of the character’s customization of Harvested

In fact, Harvested has characters customization. However, it is not too extensive. We will review each part of the character’s creation in the game below. You will be able to choose the basics, at least! If you ask how you can change your clothes later, see our guide here.

Gender options

The first choice you can make in Harvested is the genre of your character. Fortunately, the game is inclusive enough to offer players more options than only binary. You can be masculine, female or non-binary! This will change the way in which reference is made to your character throughout the game (that is, pronouns).

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Body type

When selecting your gender, you will be asked to select a body type. This relates to the shape of your character’s body and the color of your skin.

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Hair color

When you have chosen what type of body and skin color attracts you more for your character, you can change the color of your hair. Unfortunately, you are stuck with the hairstyle that comes with the genre you have chosen.

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Color of the eyes

Your character now has the hair color you want! You can then choose your eye color. There are even some great colors to choose from, such as lilac or pink. Unfortunately, there is no colored wheel to choose from any of the characters of characters.

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The next part of the character’s creation is not exactly… diverse. However, he is given to choose from one of two voices. One sounds more masculine while the second is more feminine.

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The last thing you can choose for your character in Harvested is his name. You can continue with the predetermined name presented or can enter your own name choice.

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Those are all the options that are presented to the players to customize their characters at the beginning of Harvested.

Unfortunately, there is not too much Customization of characters in Harvested , but there are definitely at least some options to choose from. We are happy to see an inclusive game that offers gender outside the male-femenine binary, but we want there to be more to do with the selection of colors or some sliding controls so that the character really comes to life. If the game seems interesting to you despite the lack of wide customization, make sure you choose it! It also works quite well on Steam Deck with full support for the controller.

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