[Comprehensive] Pearl Abyss 3Q Opersion Red Desert Development completed next year

[ Moon Byung-soo] Pearl Abyss has accepted a report card that exceeds the market forecast in the third quarter of this year, thanks to the main IP, the Black Desert. The company plans to create new growth sources by focusing on the development of the anticipated ‘Red Desert’ and ‘Devils’.

On the 9th, Pearl Abyss (CEO Huh Jin-young) announced that it recorded sales of 97.3 billion won, operating profit of 12 billion won, and net profit of 21.3 billion won in the third quarter of 2022. Sales and operating profit increased 0.9% and 17.0%, respectively, and net profit decreased 20.4%. Revenue increased 3.4% Qom and operating profit turned to black. Net profit dropped 33.4%. Security prices predicted that Pearl Abyss will record sales of W92.7bn, operating profit of 2.5 billion won, and net profit of 6.7 billion won in the third quarter of this year.

The company explained that the third quarter operating profit turned to the black compared to the previous quarter, with the removal of the one-off cost of the staff Stock Grant. The Black Desert, which led the performance, held ‘Handel Banquet’ and ‘Voice of Adventure (VOA)’, which are the targets of the 3Q platform, and focused on operating user care and communication-based operations.

The Black Desert and Eve IP also conducted large-scale content updates in the third quarter. The Black Desert introduced ‘Awakening Draconian’ and ‘Solar’s Spear’, and Eve launched the official version of the Spanish following Korean, increasing the contact with global users. Pearl Abyss’ overseas sales accounted for 82%, followed by PCs (77%), mobile (16%) and consoles (7%).

Pearl Abyss plans to expand its fun through the update of various and new attempts, starting with the Black Desert ‘Abyss One: Magnus’ in the fourth quarter. Cal peon banquets and VOA’s will be held in overseas and domestic and domestic and domestic and domestic and domestic and Korea.

CHO Seok-woo, Pearl Abyss CFO, said, We have been able to continue good results with live services based on user communication in the third quarter. We will do our best to prepare for new IP by showing steady live service capabilities in the fourth quarter.

In the earnings announcement, the future schedules of the red desert and goblin, the next anticipation of Pearl Abyss, were also revealed. In particular, the red desert is expected to be completed in the second half of next year.

Huh, Jin-young, CEO of Pearl Abyss, said in the conference call, I’m sorry for the late red desert video disclosure schedule, he said. As a result of considering the options, it will be difficult to release this year.

In addition, I will confirm the video in not far, but I feel not far until completion. We expect to complete the development in the second half of next year, he said. I will release this again as soon as it is confirmed.


Regarding the goblin, Huh, said, It is being developed step by step in line with the red desert. It’s likely to be afterwards.

It is also reported that its subsidiary CCP Games is preparing for the web 3-based blockchain business. CHO Seok-woo, CFO, said, We have been preparing for a long time as we have a lot of expectations for the recent Crypto market. It is.

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