Twitter Ear Meta Korean employees are also fired

Large-scale restructuring is affecting domestic employees. Following Twitter Korea, members of Facebook Korea, a meta-Korea branch of Facebook and Instagram operators, were also dismissed according to the headquarters policy.

According to the information technology (IT) industry, Facebook Korea employees will be notified individually from this afternoon according to the meta-restructuring plan. Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer, said he fired 11,000 people, accounting for 13 percent of his employees the night before.


An official of Facebook Korea said, We do not pick up the Korean branch and reduce it, but we will proceed at the global level. It is the first time in 18 years since its founding in 2004 that Meta has reduced its employees of thousands of employees.

Immediately after the acquisition of Dillon Musk Tesla, Twitter had reduced 3,700 people, or 50%of the members, following key personnel such as Agrawal Twitter CEO. Twitter Korea employees, who worked with about 30 people, sent a dismissal notification email from the head office on the 4th.

All the personnel in charge of the public relations have left the company. Twitter Korea Public Relations Agency also ended the same day. Although the exact number is unknown, most of them are dismissed except for key personnel such as representatives.

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