Rainbow Six: furiously roars the furious gaming squad that is crowned South Cup champion

After several battles the operators are ready to fight during the final battle where the South Cup is at stake, a tournament where we have seen great surprises in each of the phases, now the contest would be among Furious Gaming against Leviathan where only one Of the two squads you can have the opportunity to raise the title of this tournament to demonstrate that they are the best, a fight that looks very even where either of them can win.

Starting on a map of Bank The situation seemed quite even during the first rounds since neither team gave a small space until we would see a brightness generated by the skull equipment generated by Gardens that It quickly begins to deny the opposites to consolidate a streak that gives them the opportunity to take the first map for the skull,

The second fight would be carried out in skyscrapers that was controlled in the first instances by FG thanks to the rapid casualties that generated Panchito to do the sea dragon leaving things in his favor, Leviathan manages to answer the Situation to take some clashes to approach the marking, but the fury of the skull is greater and the second point is achieved.


For the third map Villa things are complicated for the Levant team that is behind in the confrontation and need to react if they want to send to the fifth map, the Furious team shows its fangs to be able to take things to His favor from the beginning with a Guards who overthrew the opposites and gives the advantage to the skull to settle the series.

Ending with a triple blunt victory the squad of Furious Gaming forms its year, after this the FG team will seek to fight for the greatest medals for the following year.

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