Call of Task: Modern War 2 (2022 ): New Fight Pass must alter everything

In a new blog site POS t, the programmers of Call of Responsibility: Modern War 2 comment on an upcoming change to the Fight Pass system. With the new system, players are now to be provided the opportunity to pick which level they are interested in as well as after that get precisely the skins, plans or tools that they want instead of working with numerous degrees as well as compelled to take everything with you what there is.

This is just how the new system works

With supposed battle token animal skips you can then open the things in the markets as you want. So you are no more subject to a provided order, however can obtain you specifically the things you need.

From currently on it will certainly also be a point of the past to play you with worthless things like stickers via dozens of degrees simply to obtain the existing operator or the brand-new weapon skin.

We have recognized a little longer that Telephone call of Responsibility: Modern War 2 as well as War zone 2.0 should share a typical Fight Pass system. In the previous there were 100 action in this Battle Pass, which you needed to unlock one after the various other. This is currently changing with the new system: the 100 actions are now distributed in 20 fields with a minimum of five products each.

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Along with the adjustments mentioned over at the Battle Pass, lots of various other innovations are additionally moving right into the new shooter from Activision. In enhancement to the biggest innovations to start the War zone 2.0 beginning shot, there are additionally new maps, weapons and also even more. We have actually summed up very important innovations of the initial period for you.


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What do you think of the changed Fight Pass system? And if you are not interested in Phone Call of Duty, you can take a look at Field of battle 2042, which will certainly soon come to the Xbox Video Game Pass.

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By Lukas Tegnér
13.11.2022 at 1:15 p.m.

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In addition to the modifications stated over at the Fight Pass, numerous other innovations are additionally relocating into the brand-new shooter from Activision.

In a new blog POS t, the developers of Call of Duty: Modern War 2 comment on an upcoming modification to the Battle Pass system. This should become a lot more flexible and also offer the players opportunities to to unlock all kinds of things instead of a fixed order as before. Like lots of various other systems of this kind in other video games, the Fight Passes for Call of Obligation have so much been even more direct: brand-new steps have been opened by gaining XP as well as battling with the video game as regular. With the new system, players are now to be given the opportunity to pick which degree they are interested in and after that obtain precisely the skins, tools or plans that they desire rather of functioning via countless degrees as well as forced to take whatever with you what there is.

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