Fortnite: Chapter 4 release date is revealed; Everything we know so far

To finish this Fortnite competitive year, Epic Games Battle Royale, the FNCS Invitational tournament ended with a major announcement dedicated to the release of the fourth Battle Royale chapter.

The long-awaited chapter 4 will officially arrive on December 3.

And, like all other chapters, this will be preceded by a live event that will be responsible for ending Chapter 3.


When the event and chapter 4 start?

Epic Games, in fact, only formalized the final event of Chapter 3. But we suspect that by logic this event will be directly followed by the beginning of Chapter 4-How is always done.

The two dates are therefore linked.

Therefore, the closing event of Chapter 3 will begin. According to Epic Games, on Saturday on December 3, 2022.

If we refer to previous chapters releases, it is safe to bet that after the event, the servers will be maintained until the next morning.

We can then wait for the release of the servers of Chapter 4 on Sunday, December 4, 2022, in the morning.

What’s new in chapter 4?

Data miners have prepared a list of the main features that will at first arrive during the first season of Chapter 4.

However, as Tim Sweeney tweeted, creative mode 2.0 will not reach until the end of January 2023 at best.

There is also the FPS visualization mode, flying animals that can be used as mounts and more that can be revealed soon.

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