Disney Dreamlight Valley: Sumpfwasser & Aquamarine finden

In our guide to the quest frozen memories in Disney Dream light Valley you can find out:

  • Where you find swamp water
  • How you get aquamarine

Kris toff commissioned you in the quest frozen memories to collect swamp water and aquamarines. So that you don’t have to search the whole game world for long, we’ll tell you where you get the items.

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Where can I find swamp water in Disney Dream light Valley?

Go to the Right of Trust area and look for sparkling places on the river. If you go to these positions, the button for interacting is shown-press it to get swamp water.


In total, you have to find three sparkling places to get the required number of swamp water.

Where can I get aquamarine in Disney Dream light Valley?

Aquamarine are gems that you can get from the stone deposits in the following areas:

  • Dazzling beach
  • Forest of bravery

It is best to grab a character that you have assigned the role of mining and go together on Aquamarine search. So you can get several aquamarine at once. You need a total of six.

Tip: If you have broken down all stone deposits in one area, you have to wait a few minutes for them to re-spawn again.

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