How did you make a total RPG, root shooter?

  • Topic: Cross Platform Root Shooter Developer

  • Lecture: Lee Bum-jun-Nexon Games / Producer

  • Field: Development

  • Time: 2022.11.17 (Thu) 14:00 ~ 14:50

  • Summary: What about the development process of ‘First Defendant’ from the start of the project to the steam beta test? It talks about the reason for choosing a genre and the difficulty of development, and reveals the prototype of ‘First Defendant’.

■ The start of the project -Market with demand but lack of supply

Producer Lee Buffoon continued to introduce first from First Defendant’s first start. When Nixon came to a new development proposal, I wanted a global PC online RPG where live service is the core. However, the game that producer Lee Bum-jun wanted to develop was always made of global target console games, so he wanted to make a shooting game that shoots a long range.

After listening to each other’s needs, we wanted to find something in common, and global and Recentered RPGs were key keywords. So I thought there was no reason to insist on the PC, and I was able to review the marketability of the genre after proposing a root shooter game that was popular abroad.

Looking at the marketability of the root shooter, I thought that the game was rare, and it was difficult to make. In addition, I want to play from the enjoyment of the user, but there was no game. In other words, there is a demand, but the supply is insufficient, so I think it would be okay to target this.

■ Root Shooter learned by prototype-Changes from fantasy to SF
After the direction of the project was set, the development began in earnest. At first, the project code name was set by Magnum, then the team building was started by up the direction and risk. Since then, the development has been made, and it was really harder than I thought when I opened the lid of the root shooter development. In reality, there was a reason why the supply of the root shooter game was low.

It was necessary to show the results of whether I could make a EVE shooter, and the prototype was completed as I studied all my homework and studies. For the first time during the demonstration, First Defendant’s prototype was unveiled, and the prototype actually had a very strong fantasy color. It was a game that moved the map in three dimensions using a grappling hook while wearing medieval armor and shooting cannons.


However, in fact, there were a lot of constraints whenever I wanted to do something by making a shooting game in the background of the fantasy worldview. In addition, there was an answer that the internal feedback did not fit. Therefore, changes have been made, such as turning the worldview with SF and focusing on more shooting in order to balance melee and ranged attacks.

After this process, the project was released for the first time. At the time, the trailer video recorded unexpected views, and it was possible to get a lot of attention thanks to the low supply of genres and increased visual quality. Since then, he has been testing the focus group for small people and receiving feedback. At the time, the test was not enough game content, so I compressed and proceeded.

After the first successful test, greed began to occur. So, next time, I set an ambitious goal to create a building that can be experienced and tested global. I had to solve the issues that I delayed in the process, which is Unreal Engine 5. Unreal Engine 5 was released during development, and it showed a tremendous quality, so I thought a lot about whether to cross the engine inside.

After all the worries, the method of the internal engine was to carry out the engine transfer work in parallel with the development of the game. The related contents were also published in the previous Unreal Summit. During the lecture, I showed a video comparing the work of Unreal Engine 4 and 5.

■ Lessons I got during the global steam test -still have a long way to go
After the engine was right, I had to prepare the steam beta test. I was able to get a decent feedback during the development process, so I had a high goal at the time, and as a result, it was too hard. It was a global test through steam, so I had to support a variety of languages and build a large server, and I had to prepare the content volume at a level that could be tested for one week.

On July 8, 2022, the Steam Page was opened, and the official name was released. However, there were quite a few people than I thought, and Lee Bum-jun said that it is important to open the page once they are planning to recruit steam testers.

Since August 9, 2022, the company has been promoted. In the process, he collaborated with IGN and released various trailer videos, and he was able to record higher views when he released it as an IGN rather than opening a video on the official website.

K-Destiny was the most heard from domestic users during the steam test. However, the direction of the game pursued by First Defendant was the game that was abolished, which was a bit different from the Destiny Guardians. This is from the gap between public relations and games, and it seems that this misunderstanding has occurred as the visuals gradually improved.

It was a global test that went through a very difficult process, but it was said that it was possible to achieve valuable experiences and results. First, I surveyed the participants, but three thousand people participated in the game and sent a lot of improvements and feedback. In the important items, there were good reviews in the intention of play, the intention of recommendation, the fun of battle, the first impression, and the fun of growth, and 90%of the respondents said they wanted to play after launch.

On the other hand, there were many unfortunate things such as optimization, execution stability issues and motion blur issues. There was an issue that could not be determined in the graphics, and the G-Star demonstration version improved a lot, including frequent frame drops. In addition, the response, such as basic quality such as interface, simple repetition content and other matters, can be summarized as a line, but there is still a long way to go.

Lee Buffoon, a producer, had a lot of shortcomings through this test, but I thought I was perfect at testing the steam.

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