LOL: The tanks break into the preseason force thanks to the new objects

The new preseason of league of Legends has arrived, and with it characters that have started very strong thanks to these new objects that reach the invoked crack. One of the most prominent is the heart of steel, which makes the tanks have a great predilection to buy it when before and stacking life as if there were no tomorrow.

To champions such as Doctor Munro, Garden or Vladimir, this object will work for pearls, and that these characters that harm life percentage or that regenerate it over time, are the big beneficiaries. We are very sure, that the first preseason statistics will cause this type of champions to win in percentage of choice and banjo.

Mitigate and harm: tanks do practically everything

As this type of thing is better to see them than to tell them in writing, here we see a clear example of how tanks work in this new patch. Send, former professional player and content creator made a game of Arm with spectators and subscribers of his channel, with a single condition. That all the characters that choose for the abyss of the regrets were tanks.

Send decided to choose Swain, and the game became eternal, although it was also predictable, seeing that all were tanks and these new objects, especially the heart of steel are very strong. The fights lasted minutes, and it was practically impossible to go down to Doctor Munro or the Lord of the Crows.


Once the game ended, the damage graph was revealing. Between damage received and mitigated, the graphs burst, exceeding the three million damage received. As for the number of damage done, he stayed with ‘only’ half a million damage, while the rival world exceeded one million. This gives us to think about many things, and that is that the tanks will start very strong and that the shooters will suffer a lot to get off these monsters that can reach more than 30,000 life points and tangle practically to infinity

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