FIFA Online 4, Kick -off Festival Kick -off Festival Opened in Busan on the 18th

Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) opened the ‘FIFA Online 4’ offline event ‘Kick-off Festival’ at Susan BEX CO Auditorium on the 18th.

The festival will be invited to the size of all generations and will be held for three days from today (18th) to 20th. First, on the first day of the stage program, ‘Final Day’ will hold the Golden Bell Quiz, O/X Balance Game, and Project Girl Group Ion Girls.


On the 2nd ‘Open League DAY’, several influencers will be divided into two teams, and six types of competitions, including ‘FIFA Mobile’ strongest, Women’s Battle, Reinforcement God, and FUD Cup Finals. Through the on-site game forecast, the company plans to draw a lot of prizes such as Son Heung-min Tottenham’s sign-up uniform, Lee Kingpin signing soccer shoe, CIA Burgeon signing uniform, and Ronaldo sign uniform.

The final 3rd ‘Championship DAY’ will hold a final match that ends the 2022 EK League Championship Season 2, which opened on September 23 and continued its long journey. At the site, DMN Lee Taught and Daemon Soon Changchun’s third and fourth place, PGXKT SWAK Jun-hyuk and KDF Choir House will be the finals, and the players are expected to play a fierce match with the top play.

At the same time, the ‘FIFA Online 4’ influencers will meet users and run the ‘BJ Counseling Center’, where consultations are directly consulted in three areas: tactics, squads, and reinforcement. In addition, ‘FIFA Online 4’ and ‘FIFA Mobile’ demonstration zones are provided to provide various prizes, and the rocker room photo zone, which reproduces and exhibits the Korean national rocker room, and a kick-off shooting event that accumulates the actual ball scores. Do.

Meanwhile, the Kick-off Festival is sponsored by the Gaming brand DOG (Republic of Gamers) of ASUS, a global computing company, and more details on the event can be found on the ‘FIFA Online 4’ homepage.

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