Lost Ark Holds 2 Downtimes to Address Pheon problem and Includes Bonus Payment

Another issue addressed with the emergency hotfix involved the Hyper Express Event Legendary Inscription Dish chests. The event was unintentionally giving an excessive quantity of these chests, and the spot adjusted it to the max of 40, however disabling the recipes from being used. Today’s second downtime made those recipes functional again.

The upgrade likewise tidied up a couple of other concerns. With the November update, the special occasion missions that followed September’s big upgrade, Rage with The Machinist, were initially scheduled to stay through November 23rd but unintentionally ended a week early. To comprise, there will be another week of the occasion from November 23-30.

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The in-game email the team sent with Peons connected at the start of the week, later to discover individuals exploiting the inclusion, was at first resolved with a choice and a spot to let all gamers keep their claimed Peons. This was later rescinded, and with the November upgrade, Banquets With Friends, the group did remove the excess Peons in the name of fairness, approving each gamer a settlement pack and a one-time 30-Pheon grant. For the majority of, this was most likely to be in excess of what they had declared, however for some who claimed more and then invested over 30, the group cautioned that they would run an unfavorable Peon balance.

Overnight, the group brought the servers down for an emergency hotfix that was meant to help players that had been reporting issues like having an unfavorable Peon balance avoiding some from using the Auction House.

Lost Ark held some additional downtime for two patches addressing issues from over the previous weeks updates.


Due to the number of issues the week has actually seen unfold, and servers come down to fix, the Lost Ark group is using another, various compensation pack containing 30 Peons, a Punk Growth Pack, and a Legendary Engraving Book Choice Chest.

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