These Qatar World Cup players are fans of the world anime


Officially the World Cup of Qatar is starting, which is why video games such as FIFA 23 are incorporating special events, among other details for the most popular sport in the world. Interviews and curiosities of outstanding players have also emerged, and a given that attracts enough attention, it is the fanaticism of some for the anime world.

One of the fans of these series is neither more nor less than Kylian Mbappé, main player of the France team, who declares himself a follower of Captain Tsubasa or the Super Champions. Even when his shoulder was damaged, he uploaded a comparative photo with the same Oliver Atom, indicating that none of the chapters of the franchise was lost.

There are also Chucky Loan and Erick Gutiérrez, who at some point announced their fanaticism by Dragon Ball Z. Since in a certain celebration they used movements similar to the iconic fusion of the saga.

For his part, eden hazard is a fan of Naruto, who in his spare time enjoys this manga and anime. Mentioning at all times that his story loves, especially the fight between characters.

Lonely Lusaka of the Belgium National Team is a fan of Dragon Ball Z, even comparing himself to one of his rivals, mentioning that they were Roku and Brolly as is. Similarly, Vichy Batshuayi is interested in Dragon Ball, sharing a video of his inner fan.

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Editor’s note: As football players are always playing games or training, we may think they don’t have time to do many things, but it is good to know that they also have their leisure moments.

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