The Long Dark Tales from the Far Territory erscheint am 5. Dezember

Tales from the Far Area is released in several parts in the course of a 12-month campaign and broadens the world of Great Bear Island and the Survival foundation of the game with brand-new areas, new gameplay and new targeted stories.

Tales from the Far Territory will be launched on December 5, 2022, on Steam and in the Legendary Games Store as well as in early 2023 on PlayStation, Xbox and Change for The Long Dark.

Tales from the Far Territory

  • Three brand-new regions, linked by the long travel zones and the node area. The very first of these regions, deserted airfield, and the travel zones are introduced with the expansion pass.


  • The other 2 regions are triggered throughout the 12-month campaign.
  • 3 stories, narrative challenges that happen within the survival game and give insights into the strange history of the far-off area.

  • New gameplay systems, including: transponder, Travis, safe house modification, dealers, complicated cooking recipes and brand-new product versions.
  • Over 20 minutes new survival music (over 10 minutes consisted of in the very first drop).
  • You can discover more details here.

There is likewise a brand-new trailer to see here:

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