All about Warzone 2, season 1: how to unlock it and better accessories

The M4 assault rifle is a well-known and very dear weapon in the Call of Duty franchise. It worked very well in Modern Warfare, he was very present at War zone’s goal, and now he arrives at modern Warfare II and War zone 2 making it clear that he is still as in a form as the first day. Then I tell you everything you should know about this weapon.


M4 of War zone 2

I begin the guide with good news because the assault rifle m4 (family M4) does not have unlocking requirements, since it will be the first weapon of the first class on the predetermined classes list. It has no loss. In addition, completing the last mission of the campaign gives you a weapon plan for the M4 that is going very well. In summary: All very easy.

He has already demonstrated his worth in Modern Warfare II and is currently doing it in War zone 2, where he works incredibly well at half distances, being able to cover long in specific cases and saving the day in many cases at short.

The next step after selecting it is to upload it at a maximum level, 20/20, to use the accessories that I recommend below. It should not be difficult in the Modern Warfare II multiplayer or in the DMZ mode with the use of weapons XP cards. That said, we go to the accessories and their adjustments, via Wing haven:

This configuration gives us an M4 that loses mobility and handling, but that maintains the cadence and increases the rest of its statistics: damage, scope, precision and backward control. Translation? A multifaceted, stable and reliable weapon. Good damage, little setback, respectable scope and precision as few. This weapon has very few sticks.

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