Will Naruto return as a new version or a new series in December? Explained

There has been a lot of stirs around the Naruto series lately, and for a good reason. After the news that a great announcement would be made at this year’s Jump Fest, fans have been speculating about what it could mean for the series and why a specific mention of Naruto was made outside the Boru to series that is being executed currently. As such, you probably have been thinking: will Naruto return as a new version or a new series in December?

Well, after investigating a little and seeing all the information available, we have some answers for you.

Does Naruto’s anime have a new version or a new series in December? Explained

While the chances that the Naruto series see a new long format spin-off possible.

This is mainly due to the warm reception of the anniversary animation video Road of Naruto released earlier this year. With the intention of commemorating the best moments of the series, the video shows several fights, interactions and key events of the Naruto anime retouched with modern animation. This includes the many battles of Naruto with Leisure, as well as his confrontation with many villains of the series such as Obit, Pain and Madeira.

Fans were very receptive to this video and expressed interest in seeing more touch-ups or remastering of the series with this same style. As such, it would not be so strange to see Studio Pierrot begin to launch a retouched version of Naruto’s anime with the same modern style as this video.

However, nobody knows when a new version of this type will be broadcast. It was only confirmed that the news about the series will be revealed in Jump Fest in December, and it is very unlikely to surprise people with a complete series that will begin to be transmitted that day. At most, they would announce that the new version is in production and would be launched at some time next year, if a new version is announced.

Even then, all this is just speculation. Shōnen Jump and Studio Pierrot have not made firm statements of plans to rebuild the anime, or to deviate from focusing on Boru to as the next canonical continuation or the franchise approach.

Therefore, our recommendation is to moderate your expectations and wait for the announcement of Jump Fest. We will not know with certainty what awaits the series until then, and it is better not to get too excited about a result that may not even be in the field of possibility.

Hopefully this is clarified whether Naruto will return or not as a new version or a new series in December. To get more information about the series, we have many related articles that can be consulted below. We also have many functions related to anime in general, including lists of the best anime villains, the best anime fights and the best anime sensing.


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