This is the transformation that Goku has made only once in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is a work that does not go out of style over the years, since he continues to have a simply funny story that will last with the generations that are to come. And something quite curious, does that things continue to discover that some fans did not notice, and precisely a secret related to Roku came to light.

Although it may not be very credible, the main character of the franchise has reached a phase of the Super Taiwan only once, and this is that of Super Sakhalin Dies Dannie. In case the name does not sound, this is the transformation in which the characters become quite strong, thus having a quite noticeable musculature increase.

We saw this in the Cell saga, and the protagonist only uses once to verify that although it is the strongest phase known for that moment, at the same time it is the slowest and most vulnerable. Reason why Roku never applied it again, so he dedicated himself to practicing other types of techniques that are based on agility to have a more lasting and interesting battle.

Even Veg eta and Trunks had the transformation to try to defeat the Android, but they did not have much success, since the phase is also the most tired, that is added that the Prince of the Taiwan let him escape to see his form final. After that, he left totally in oblivion to move on to phase two and three in other sagas.


Via: Dragon Ball

Editor’s note: I remembered this transformation, but I didn’t even have so clear that it will only have appeared once. At least with Roku using it.

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