The Star Wars series: The Acolyte will narrate the infiltration of the Sith in the Jedi Order

Sleeve Palatine, Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, played two sides from the beginning. Politician apparently, lord of the Sith in the shadows. Darth Serious orchestrated the plan to overthrow democracy and wrap the galaxy on the dark side of force. However, this process w not completed overnight, the decline began much earlier. Star Wars: The Acolyte, the first series whose context takes place in the High Republic, focuses its suede on that gradual infiltration by the Sith.

It h been actress Daphne Keen who hmented on statements to Tech radar that The Acolyte will have the Sith part of the ct of protagonists:

I can anticipate that it is a prequel. No, I mean, you know that it is set one hundred years before the prequel movies [the fanttic threat, the attack of the clones and revenge of the Sith]. It is an explanation of how the Sith infiltrated among the Jedi, a story led by the Sith that h never been told before. According to the actress, she h been very fun to record, the ct is fanttic and the director [Leslie Headland] and the team are charming. The complete experience is wonderful, I’m already exciting that people see it.

What is the synopsis the acolyte?

Star Wars: The Acolyte began its production lt November. It is a mystery thriller that will transport the spectators to a galaxy full of shady secrets and powers of the dark side emerging during the final days of the high republic. The synopsis indicates that an old Taiwan will meet with his teacher Jedi to investigate a series of crimes, although they must face other sinister forces.

The Acolyte

The series, which still h no relee date, h not confirmed the presence of Darth Plagues, Palatine’s teacher, despite the fact that bad tongues have positioned him the possible villain. We will have to wait.

The Star Wars Series calendar for 2023 is like this.

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