2 2 after 0 2 Hajrulla conserves Erfurt the table lead

It was the emphasis of the 15th match day of the Regionally Nor dost, a conventional duel and leading video game: leaders Roadway Erfurt depend on the very same beginning eleven against Energies Cottbus when it comes to the furious 6-2 success over Babelsberg.
In the table runners-in runners-up, Coach Claus-Dieter Jollity changed two times, compared to the most recent 4: 0 over Halberstadt, Ludovic and Bad began for Alfalfa and Eisenhuth.
The snow mountains were still to be seen in the Stagehand Arena, the day before helpers launched the area for hours from the white wet.
The house team came into play in front of 7463 viewers on the cleared green, also had the first goal approach (6th) through Merged, but it was the Cottbus who showered with the very first possibility: Lamar prowled at an Oesterhelweg input at the long post
And pushed the ball from a short distance to 1-0 over the line (13th).
As a result, a brisk, competitive occasion with chances on both sides established: Erfurt’s marl had the opportunity to answer a quick response, but was pushed off;
Andrej Started aimed (19th).
WE provided the thickest possibility of stabilizing after a corner: NAO headed to the crossbar (25th).
Shortly before the break, Tavares simply completed over (44th).
However, the visitors could likewise have added: Erfurt goalkeeper Luckier had to intervene against Oesterhelweg (23rd, 33rd) and versus ballot (36. ), after a nice combination, Ludovic in particular used the great opportunity on the 2:
0, freestanding he shot the ball just over (27th).
So it remained a break throughout the tight energy management.

initially, then furious

Cheers about the equalization: WE coach Fabian Gerber after the 2-2.

Flight two started, it ended up being physical on the deep run.
Erfurt at first browsed in vain in the defense network of visitors, who in turn depended on a fast changing game and hence had the much better opportunities: for Hartmann the corner became too pointed (57th), Bad Schltzten from the finest position past (61. ).
Harrell was stopped on the other side (65th).
Then the guests were able to add more: After an attack on Bergmann, voting was neglected by the defense at the long post, from a pointed angle he pushed the ball over line-2: 0 for Cottbus in minute 68. Some already sensed the initial decision here.
WE fitness instructor Gerber reacted with a three-time change, including Feinberg.
Which was significantly associated with the furious catch-up of the house group: he initially delivered the design template for a quick 1: 2 connection when he went through Harrell, who was placed and scored flat for 1: 2 (75. ).
His flank was cleared to the corner, which Harrell pushed over the line at the five-meter space at the five-meter room (79).
Now there was really fire: the house team picked up the house win, but the visitors also caught once again, a gripping final stage developed.


After a long free kick there was another crowd in the Cottbus charge location, but then it was over.
With this point earnings, Roadway Erfurt keeps energy Cottbus at a distance and remains at the top.
You wish to keep them in the next top game at Cherie Leipzig next weekend;.
Cottbus has another away task in front of the chest, it goes to SV Babelsberg.

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