How to unlock the TERA six -star raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

If you are looking for Pokémon with a high IV or just want to complete your Puck without the need to develop certain Pokémon, the six-star TERM raids are your best choice.
Here’s how to unlock them in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

six-star requirements of TERM RAID in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To unlock the TERM six-star raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you need to perform the following actions:
1. Complete the main story.
2. For the first time at the Ace Academy tournament.

This is a story after the epilogue.
3. Win a ton of five-start era Raids until Jacques is satisfied with the data that you provided him.
After performing the above steps, you should call Jacques and inform you that black crystals with powerful energy have been discovered.
Congratulations, you opened the six-star raid term!

How to get more ERA crystals with six stars for appearing in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Type, levels and location of There crystals in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are dropped daily (in the game).
The day is about 72 minutes.
So, after you have passed the six-star raid, you need to wait one day until the other is reborn.
The bypass for this is to change the time and date for Nintendo Switch.
If you save, turn off the game and change the day for the next, available crystals of Term will be different.
The six-start era raids are not the most difficult that you can go to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.
There are also seven-star raids that are exclusive events.


Check the official Pokémon Account Twitter or notes to the patch to find out if there are any active ones.
To receive additional assistance with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, read the sections where to find the False Dragon Titan in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and the game process that will improve Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (except for error corrections) here in Pro GAME Guides.

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