National Council of Education and Culture Committee, Probable item regulation

The National Assembly’s Culture and Tourism Committee (Chairman Lee Yong-ho, subcommittee) decided to review the amendment of the probability-type item regulations on December 7.

There are 11 amendments to the game law that the subcommittee reviews on the 7th. There are five amendments to the probability-type item, one amendment to the prevention of historical distortions in the game, two amendments to the deletion of game addiction terms, one amendment to the strengthening of game security, and two deregulation of the PC room business. Three of them are discussed.

Representatives Lee Pantheon, lawmaker Lee Byung-soo, lawmaker Lee Tae-hyun, and Jeon-gi-gi made an amendment. The main contents are probability item information disclosure legislation.

The lawmaker’s proposal was added to the complete Geisha. In the case of the lawmakers, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism violates the probability-type item for the purpose of giving the authority to investigate the probability-type item and acquiring economic interests, operating the probability of acquisition of the probability-type item, or using the method of complete Geisha The penalty was imposed to the extent that it did not exceed three times.

Ha Tae-hyun, a member of the Council of Culture, Sports and Tourism to protect the rights of the user, will hold the Game Market Rights Protection Committee. The private plane clinic prevents the game company from raising it in the form of an image in the disclosure of probability. For example, the search function of PC and mobile should be used to check probability information.

Kim Byung-soo, a member of the Chinese game company, adds the ‘history’ field as a member of the Game Water Management Committee to prevent some Chinese game companies’ cultural Northeast process.

Representative CHO Seung-rae and BYU Yo-jong are unifying the ‘forced shutdown system’ to the game time selection system and changing the use of ‘game addiction’ to ‘game and immersion’. The compulsory shutdown system is already abolished and will only be discussed. BYU Yo-jong’s proposal adds to the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to support youth games and immersion damage.

Other private plane clinics have allowed the government to support the R & D and utilization of game security technology in the development of game industry technology.

Representatives and Kim Seung-won made an amendment to improve the regulation of PC room operators.

Private parliamentary proposals are legally adults, and high school students have been restricted from using PC rooms. The current law regulates the use of PC rooms depending on whether you graduate from high school regardless of adult age. The lawmaker can enhance the predictability of the criminals and expect the consistency of the youth protection system by customizing the youth standards of the Game Industry Act on the standards under the Youth Protection Act.


Representative Kim Seung-won will alleviate the punishment of the PC room business owner when the youth used the PC room using the resident registration number of the adult. The amendment required to exempt administrative disposal if PC room operators did not neglect significant attention and supervision, such as the attachment of the classification grade classes, such as the attachment of the game.

On the other hand, the subcommittee is regarded as the first gateway to the decision to pass the amendment and the highest hurdles. At the subcommittee, members of the government’s opinion and the National Assembly’s review reports by lawmakers. The subcommittee is usually a power agreement system, so if a member of the lawmakers opposes, the bill may be pending. Once a moored bill can be difficult to pass.

The bill that passed the subcommittee shall be reviewed again at the plenary session of the Culture Committee. If you pass this, it is referred to the Legislative Judicial Commission, and once again filtered through the process of judging the system and self-esteem of the legislative committee. If the judiciary is passed, the National Assembly’s plenary session is determined by voting on the legislation.

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