7 Scull and Hati Tips That Will Help You Level Up

Skull and Hat are a powerful weapon in renewal of the foggy lands of Latham, which has strong damage from piercing, chopping a blow and a blow to the back.


However, to create daggers Skull and Hat requires the resources of the final game, which a little complicates the task for new players.

Fortunately, this leadership will explain all the necessary steps and requirements for the manufacture of a set of daggers of Skull and Hat in the foggy lands of Waldheim.

How to make a shack and Hat in Latham

To make a shackle and Hat in Latham, you must collect more than 10 iron, 10.
Black-metal is also four beautiful wood.
Here’s how and where you can get all the necessary resources for the recruitment of daggers Skull and Hat:
How to get iron-you can get iron in Latham, collecting iron scrap from the boom of foggy lands, ancient armor or mounds of swords.
You can also farm piles of dirty scrap in the crypts of branches, to open which swamp keys are required.
How to get a black metal-to get black metal in Latham, you must go to the BIM plain and extract the scrap of ferrous metal from many goblin enemies called Rulings that roam the biome.
We recommend that the pharmacies around the camps/forts.
How to get clean wood-to get the Fine Wood in Latham, you must cut down birches.
When you have all the necessary resources for creating a dagger Skull and Hat, you can later improve it using similar resources.
The full cost of a dagger improvement is 24 glands as well as 24 black metal.
After improvement of the daggers of Skull and Hat in the update, the foggy lands for Latham will have the following characteristics:

Latham Skull and Hat updated the list of characteristics

To learn more about Latham, we in Pro Game Guides will provide you with such guidelines as how to repair tools and other items in Latham and the best way to kill a gagging in Latham.

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