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World of Warcraft is a game for many. For some, the world of Zeroth and the adventures it has to offer are second only to the friends they make while playing. And yet, there are those who find themselves drawn in by the story rather than their comrades by computer screen.

As soon as this rotation has actually gone through, it starts again (if no season 2 starts)

Brute & Item level in Season 1

The most essential thing in the dungeons is of course the victim at the end
In WoW: Dragon Flight, the level for optimum victim was raised
Rather of +15, +20 is now due
Thanks to new scaling, these are likewise significantly much heavier than in the past
The following list provides you a summary of which prey awaits you at the end of the dungeon and in the large treasury
In the treasury, you require 1/4/8 dungeons in Dragon Flight to take the three topics

Level of the dungeon |
Reward at the end |
Reward in the treasury
Level 2 |
376 |
Level 3 |
376 |
Level 4 |
379 |
Level 5 |
379 |
Level 6 |
382 |
Level 7 |
385 |
Level 8 |
385 |
Level 9 |
389 |
Level 10 |
392 |
Level 11 |
392 |
Level 12 |
392 |
Level 13 |
392 |
Level 14 |
395 |
Level 15 |
398 |
Level 16 |
398 |
Level 17 |
402 |
Level 18 |
402 |
Level 19 |
405 |
Level 20 |
405 |

Now that our heroes had two weeks to get utilized to WoW: Dragon Flight, the first season of the brand-new growth will start on December 14th
Of course, this means, naturally, that the brand-new slaughterhouse, the vault of the incarnations opens its gates
Even more crucial for many players: the mythical plus dungeons are lastly readily available
We need to get used to some changes compared to the old growth
We get new affixes, brand-new and old dungeons and in the future we have to do considerably more for the maximum benefit
But naturally there are also some things that have actually stayed the very same
We continue to receive our season success as a benefit and anticipate the weekly treasury
All important information about Mythisch-Plus-Season 1 in WoW (Purchase now): We have summarized Dragon Flight for you

Table of Contents

1 1The dungeons in Season 1
2. 2The Affine in Season 1
3. 3Beyer & Item level in Season 1
4. 4 successes and season benefits

the dungeons in Season 1

The return of old dungeons is nothing new in WoW
The dragon flight growth lifts the entire thing to a brand-new level
Because only half of the dungeons in Season 1 are actually new
The other half comes from old extensions
With this, the developers desire to keep the feature fresh and keep the opportunity to exchange all dungeons in Season 2 at the same time
The following dungeons are active in Dragon flight Season 1:
Academic von Cloth’ AR (Dragon flight coast of awakening)
Time limit: 32 minutes
The azure vault (Dragon Flight Azure Blue Mountains)
Time frame: 34 minutes
The attack by the Noshed (Dragon Flight levels of On’ aura)
Time frame: 40 minutes
Rubin lifestyle (Dragon Flight coast of awakening)
Time limitation: 30 minutes
The yard of the stars (Legion-Suramar)
Time frame: thirty minutes
The halls of bravery (Legion-Sturmheim)
Time frame: 38 minutes
Shadow moon grapes (Warlords of Draenor-Schattenmondtal)
Time frame: 33 minutes
Temple of the Jade icing (Mists of Pandaria-Jadewald)
Time frame: 35 minutes
While you can simply fly to the dungeons on the dragon islands, you will discover portals in the old extensions in the capital Valdrakken to get to the dungeons there

The Affine in Season 1

A lot has happened here too
There is not only a new Season Affix, but likewise some old affixes flew out of rotation
The new Season Affix is roaring in the name
In our guide, we describe to you in information how the affix works and what you need to pay attention to
In addition, the designers have actually decided to temporarily send 2 of the previous affixes to the bench
They are still in the video game, but they are not part of rotation in the very first season of Dragon Flight
Inspiring and necrotic are not utilized in season 1
And the rotation of the affix is already known:
Week |
From level 2 |
From level 4 |
From level 7 |
From level 10
1 (from 14.12) |
Enhanced |
Angry |
Bowing |
2 (from 21.12) |
Dictatorial |
Breaking |
Dreadful |
3 (from 28.12) |
Enhanced |
Bloody |
Vulcan |
4 (from 04.01) |
High-handed |
Angry |
Stormy |
5 (from 11.01) |
Enhanced |
Malicious |
Awful |
6 (from 18.01) |
Totalitarian |
Bloody |
Explosive |
7 (from 25.01) |
Enhanced |
Irritating |
Rainy |
8 (from 01.02) |
Oppressive |
Harmful |
Bowing |
9 (from 08.02) |
Enhanced |
Breaking |
Explosive |
10 (from February 15th) |
Tyrannical |
Irritating |
Vulcan |

Naturally you can also update your prey from the dungeons in WoW: Dragon Flight by utilizing bravery points
Some levels are possible without constraint, but for the greater you need the corresponding mythical-plus classification:
The following costs are sustained to update a product by six product levels:
250 bravery points: indication, secondary hand, ring, cloak, arm rails, locket
400 bravery points: precious jewelry, belt, shoulders, gloves, shoes
475 bravery points: helmet, pants, chest
500 bravery points: mobility and strength weapons (one-handed)
750 bravery points: intelligence weapons (one hand)
1,000 bravery points: two-hand weapons
You need the following mythical-plus ranking to update to the matching item level:
Up to Item level 392 (level 6): No evaluation needed
Item level 395 (level 7): Examination 600
Item level 402 (level 9): Examination 1,000
Item level 405 (level 10): Examination 1,400
Item level 408 (level 11): Assessment 1,700
Item level 411 (level 12): Examination 2,000
Item level 415 (level 13): Examination 2,400

successes and season benefits

Naturally there is also a lot to catch away from the equipment
Amongst them some successes and obviously the mandatory mythical-plus mount
This time there are 2: a brand-new mount and a template for your riding kites
And of course there are also the popular dungeon teleports that you can unlock
For a mythical-plus rating of at least 750, you will get the success of Fastener scientists from Dragon flight: Season 1
For a mythical-plus score of at least 1,500 you will receive the success of the Keysteinerberer from Dragon flight: Season 1 and the title The Thundered
For a mythical-plus rating of a minimum of 2,000 you will receive the success of the keystone master from Dragon Flight: season 1 and the following mount: hailstorm armored dose
For a mythical-plus ranking of at least 2,500, you will receive the success of the dragon-flight keystone hero: season 1 and the following install template: glittering thunderstone incarnation (is gotten through the success of the success and can also be finished in a various method)
If you finish a dungeon at level 20 or greater within the time limitation, you will get an ideal success and a portal to its input
Keystone hero: Rubin lifting basin grants you teleport: ruby raising pool
Keystone hero: The Azure Mountains approve you Teleport: Azur Games Mountains
Keystone hero: The attack by the Noshed grants you Teleport: Attack of the Noshed
Keystone hero: Academic from Cloth’ AR grants you Teleport: Academy of Cloth’ AR
Keystone hero: Halls of bravery grants you Teleport: Halls of bravery
Keystone hero: Of of the stars grants you Teleport: Of of the stars
Keystone hero: Shadow moon dropping grants Teleport: Shadow moon dropping
Keystone hero: Temple of the jade slope grants you Teleport: Temple of the Jade slope
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