Unlocking Ruhnuk in SWTOR: How To Start The New Storyline

The planet Run was introduced in SW TOR’s latest expansion, Galactic Legend. Unlocked by completing the first Act of the game, you will have to visit this world right away.

What is Run

Run is a brand-new planet, added to SW TOR with Video Game Update 7.2. This world has not been included anywhere before.

Please keep in mind that the next section of this guide contains story spoilers from the starter objective that leads you to Run.

Run is a dry world, scratched by huge canyons formed by occasional flooding. The initial inhabitants of the planet were not the Mandalorian, however miners looking for to exploit the planets abundant natural deposits. For an unidentified (yet) reason they deserted the world entirely, leaving all of their devices behind.

Requirements to Unlock Runs Story

Your story with Run starts with the primary mission (purple) called A Rock and a Hard Place. To get it, you initially require meeting specific requirements.

To be able to access Runs story in SW TOR you have to first complete the main story from SW TOR Legacy of the Sith 7.0 and 7.1. This suggests you have to do the following:

  • Total the 7.0 Story on Canaan, launched with 7.0.
  • Total the Elm Flash point, launched with 7.0.
  • Total the Digging Deeper story, launched with 7.1.
  • Your character needs to be level 80.

You do not need to do the Canaan Daily Area either. It is a optional storyline and not related to the footpath required for the Run Story. Thanks to Jackie from BioWare for confirming this for me.

You do not need to be presently subscribed to get the A Rock and a Hard Place mission. You will get it when you upgrade to 7.2 or higher for complimentary if you have actually subscribed previously at SW TOR 7.0 Legacy of the Sith, which was released in February 2022.

How to gain access to Run in SW TOR

The Story on Run is not offered, the Daily Missions and the Relic Hunt too. Its unclear if this is deliberate or a mistake BioWare made by not hiding the world from the Galaxy Map till the moment you receive A Rock and a Hard Location

After that, the Run Daily Area will be fully available to you with all of its Daily and Weekly solo and group missions. There’s also a non-repeatable set of Relic Hunt missions and a Dacron on Run.

With the release of SW TOR Update 7.2, Run is actually noticeable on the Galaxy Map even for characters that do not certify for the story there. You can fly to Ru hunk and explore its map, however none of the missions will be offered to you till you meet the requirements for them.

The last discussion alternative is interesting. It may impact occasions down the line, but it’s simply a caution message, not a definitive and final choice.

She orders Mass to hug the ship. She likewise recommends you to remain off comms as its unknown who might be listening at this point. What is strange is that she beaks silence for no apparent reason just a momentum later on, while you check out Mangalore Encampment underground area.

The cinematic scene continues while She is piloting the ship. You approach Run and see the insane storm that has engulfed the planet.

When you reach the surface, discover the Probe Droids (yellow HP bar). Engage in combat, they will pull you instantly, so wears start with a cast that can be disrupted.

She Villa, Mangalore the Avenger, has requested your assistance to challenge Field Marshal Heat AOL and the Hidden Chain organization under her command. She has actually discovered that Heat has actually established a secret base of operations on the treacherous planet called Run.

At the end of the conversation, you can pick to Knock out the specialist or to kill her. This is a moral option more than anything else.

As you come to the Alliance Operations room, a cinematic will play. She will introduce Heat prior to you with a short history of Heats past and new details about her abilities and experience as a leader.

How to complete A Rock and a Hard Location.

There are a couple of dialogue choices you can make throughout this cinematic, but none are significant or essential to the story. They are simply role-playing choices to assist you immerse yourself in the conversation by answering the method you like your character to do it.

She describes why Run was not discovered until extremely recently. It’s in the middle of some kind of electrostatic storm, which tinkers comms and navigation.


Time to look for the Probe Droid Source! There is a structure on the west side of the huge space in the middle of the Arid Wastes location. Go there.

One brief combat encounter with Amanda opponents is awaiting you inside and another cinematic will begin. After you take care of them, another cinematic will play, introducing 2 NPCs to you, 2 specialists, worked with by Amanda.

Your last task is to return to Mass Oreo in Duct Upkeep Network. You can walk back or Quick Travel to it. This concludes the introduction objective to Run. You have to continue with the next few and complete the story.

After you take them down, the android will go into Repair mode. Stand close to the droid and use the unique ability that is placed beside your mission objective in the Objective Tracker. You have to duplicate these steps five times to 5 various androids.

Run is a new world, included to SW TOR with Video Game Update 7.2. Run is a dry world, scratched by big canyons formed by occasional flooding. It is a optional storyline and not related to the footpath needed for the Run Story. After the discussion, head to the Hangar on Odes sen to satisfy up with She and fly off to Run. This concludes the introduction objective to Run.

After the discussion, head to the Garage on Odes sen to meet up with She and fly off to Run. While you talk with She beside the ship, Mass Oreo will appear. He will accompany you on this mission.

Your next job is to go up to the surface and Slice 5 Probe Droids to get more information about the situation on Run. Head to ideal end of the Duct Upkeep Network and take the ramp.

After you finish the needed objectives, listed above, you will automatically get A Rock and a Hard Place. This primary objective tasks you with speaking with She Villa in the Alliance Operations room on Odes sen.

After a near-crash-landing experience, you arrive to Run. The planet is quite big and is divided into lots of little areas varying from surface zones, underground tunnels and complicated building interiors.

In case you forgot, a quick suggestion: Mass accompanied you on board of the Spirit of Vengeance II where you had to stop an attack by Clan Farad, the Amanda, and the Assad. You battled Heat AOL on the bridge, however she escaped you at that time.

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